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this article is really stupid.

will doesn't mean that at all. when bws was out all were doing the same thing: bragging about how rich they are and in mr.niceguy that wallet thing says that will does not give a damn for what his haters say :ninja: :jada: :pony: :wtf: :mikelowery:

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Stop taking everything so seriously. It's a funny article.

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:iagree: Yeah it's only comedy, even Will makes fun of himself too.

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Oh man that was to damm funny :3-laugh3:

"Mad cause I got floor seats at the Lakers

See me on the fifty yard line with the Raiders

Met Ali he told me I'm the greatest

(Yes I'm mad, just because Ali said the same thing to me, obviously our special night meant nothing to him)"

"Singing about your excellent sports seats, how much do you want to rub my nose in it, I get it,you`r rich"

I don`t know whats the problem..It`s just Comedy!

He also said some great stuff about Will and i think he means it..

"When it comes to Summer Songs there is one Musical Artist that owns the Summer. His name is Will Smith. Think about it. From the classic "Summertime" to the current "Switch", Will Smith produces the summer hits nonstop. He's like a rapping summer Santa who comes once a year to release the gift of music and then he goes back to Hollywood to make another Academy Award winning movie. Hell, I watched MIB 2 just for the titular song...Which is the funniest song you'll ever hear, really, do yourself a favor, listen to the lyrics, they are awesome, it's like a cliff notes version of the film. I still contend that if the Legend of Bagger Vance had a Will Smith Song attached to it, it would have been huge hit!His songs are infectious"

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:lol: :lol::lol: that was so funny!! people need to stop taking him seriously. he's obviously a Will Smith fan, he just has trouble related to some of his modern lyrics. i agree with his point that a lil more JJ could add some more old skool flavor.

see, when i think of Dave, i think he has the potential to become a writer like this. however he refuses to write anymore reviews for us :nhawong:

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