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Waiting for Party Starter Video

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Well i did agree with the "milking switch" thing, in fact i was practically president of the milking switch society. Im normally a very patient person....however im so bored of waiting now.

The video should have been out about a month ago, that would have been good timing. I think all my tapes have been worn out from taping these damn new music programmes nearly every day.

I dont think this will affect sales a lot, i just wanna see this new video. The wait used to be exciting now its boring and people are going insane, this thread proves that. :nhawong:

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all i can say is that i don't even care about Will's video. i try to be a big fan but when he just sleeps on sh!t like this i don't even care anymore. i've lost interest in the PS video... i don't even care about sales anymore.

i'm gonna go download NWA's greatest hits album now... i'm feelin their music

:lolsign: So when was the last time they released an album? Ice Cube only makes movies now and doesn't even make albums anymore either. Will's doing a lot more and is a lot more popular than a lot of mcs that came out when he did and he's the greatest entertainer of our generation, he's done 9 quality albums, what more do you want? He just released the album for his hardcore fans and I don't think this'll be his last but I was just making the point that he's a legend already and he doesn't have to prove anything to anybody 'cause at the end of the day he's more successful than their favorite rapper. The video's gonna be comin' soon I'm sure since it hit radio already, mOOsa! :davidblaine: I get used to it since most of my favorite rappers don't sell anyway, lol, I just enjoy the music.

my comment didn't have anything to do with NWA vs Will, i was just venting. i've gotten in2 their music when i heard F The Police on that Common radio show in the UK. they've got somethin 2 say, and i wanna hear it.

but seriously, i don't really care about the PS video. like Ted said, the album is for hardcore fans and Will doesn't care about sales. if that's the case, i'll just pop in my lost and found cd when i want to listen to Will instead of seeing it on tv. i'm not hyped anymore about the video. sorry. maybe i was expecting too much (like Max already stated) for Will to release his singles in a timely manner. is that too much to expect?

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