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Waiting for Party Starter Video

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party starter was released for the radio in july, the 7th.... over a month without a video!! it's too much! there is something that I don't understand, why will releases a single every 7 month and others every 2-3 months... :shrug:

Now summer is close to finish... the perfect period to release Party starter! I don't know what labels that work for Will have in their damned heads!!!! :thatspdiddybad:

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I know its not much but this australian music video show


says on their website...

"Fresh New Clips!

Coming up over the next few weeks we deliver brand spankin' new clips from Will Smith, etc etc"

So they are obviously expecting party starter pretty soon...

In other good news Party Starter has been added to Novas playlist ..1 of the big radio networks in Australia :rockon:

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Hey I e-mailed someone who was in the party starter video.. http://www.ashleenino.com

this was there reply:

Im not exactly sure when its going to be out...if it is I haven't seen it

yet. We shot about a month ago.

It's Will Smith's latest video...and pretty much the whole video is about

getting the party srated :) I am in one of the club/dance scenes...(the

white/silver room) The video consists of different dance scenes. It was a

lot of fun...


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