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My dear friends and agreers. In way too many years evilness and stupidness have ruled the hiphop community. What have most of us been doing? Voted a couple of times to help Will, and complained over all the **** out there right now. Its time to do more than so. We are going to spread the word, start a fuzz, on our own. Will deserves this from us, he is a busy man and needs his fans to talk about the cd. There is one bad thing with this forum; whenever we got something new on Will Smith, we put it here, not in the regular hiphop forums. Lets turn that into something good, lets organize an extreme internet-fuzz-promotion. Yeah, IFP. If we can manage to start some talking we might sell a couple of copies and just ONE new person who buys the CD would be terrific and worth hard work.

If we do this the way Im thinkin of, with lots of hard work and activity in the project, it could be something totally unique with an totally unique "reaction". Maybe we can make the album sell more, maybe we can make Will a name in rap discussions and not only in movie discussions. Lets start the ****ing talkin.



Join it, read the instructions on the site. Join the group "Will Smith". After youve gone to sleep, leave your computer on and leave Party Starter on repeat. Lets try to get it up to the chart. Aight?


PLEASE ADD MORE FORUMS. Not only hiphopforums, big forums on big sites are also very welcome. Communityforums are great 2. And of course, all forums are important, but this is some of the mayor places where I want promotion. I am going to put posts at some of these places, and you guys should do it to.



Snoop Dogg







http://www.africanhiphop.com/forums/?POSTN...d77f4108fccb627 (in english about african hiphop, tell them that Will is a big fan of Africa).












If you dont want to write a whole new text each time, use this standard thing:


In March, Will Smith, one of the hip-hop pioneers, released something thats totally different from his earlier works. Lost & Found is the name of the album, and you might have heard Switch, the first single. Tho the sales av been decent, it deserves more and I really think you should check out the next single, Party Starter (you can hear it at willsmith.com), which will soon be released officially with video and all. Anyway, Wills new CD asks questions about the current state of hip-hop, about the world and of course we got some classic funny stuff from the good old prince. The album doesnt have too many guest artists, but the legend Snoop Dogg and one of the biggest DJs ever, DJ Jazzy Jeff, is featured on the album. Listen to the Party Starter single, and when you've done that, buy the record and enjoy it. The Fresh Prince is back and his music should be heard by everyone.

Lost & Found

# Here He Comes

# Party Starter

# Switch

# Mr. Niceguy

# Ms. Holy Roller

# Lost & Found

# Tell Me Why featuring Mary J. Blige

# I Wish I Made That

# Swagga

# Pump Ya Brakes

# Could U Love Me

# If U Can't Dance featuring Nicole Scherzinger from The Pussycat Dolls

# Loretta

# Wave Em Off

# Scary Story

# Switch Remix featuring Robin Thicke

If you want to, in the bottom, you can put a Party Starter-picture in or maybe the Lost & Found cover.

When you have put a post about it somewhere (and if youve already told people about it on the forums ur usually at, find new places to tell it, you can tell us here if you want to and people can back it up on that forum.

I know this sounds like an old idea and all that, but this is a motivation post. If someone does a really great work, I promise to do something for that person. Lets see, hopefully, at least 30 peoples will think this is a good idea and put a post about it in 5 forums each. Then 150 forums will talk about it, and the buzz might grow bigger and bigger and maybe we can help Will just a liiiiiiiittle bit.

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Hey Lerkot this is what I've been thinkin' about too, we need to get the hip-hop community to rally behind Will and get "L&F" to the top of the charts, I see a lot of hip-hop fans complain about how messed up the game is right now but it seems like they don't take much action and a lot of them actually talk about buying Nelly albums just to see how wack it is and they ignore that Will dropped a positive hip-hop album, action must be made, each of us should go on other forums and mention Will, try to get them to vote for "Parter Starter" when it comes out and see what happens! You could do a search and find a whole bunch of hip-hop sites, we could assign different sites for each of us to go on, if 50 people do it and we all do about 3-4 sites, we'd hit over 200 sites, that could be a big help, this is a great idea, let's pin this topic, I don't know about leaving my comp on all night though, lol.

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ok .. here is my german version:


Im März hat Will Smith, einer der Hip-Hop-Pioniere, etwas rausgebracht was sich absolut von seinen bisherigen Werken unterscheidet. 'Lost & Found' heisst sein neues Album und einige von euch werden wohl die erste Single 'Switch' bereits kennen. Dennoch waren die Albenverkäufe bisher leider eher bescheiden und es verdient definitiv mehr. Ich bin der Meinung ihr solltet euch seine neue Single 'Partystarter' anhören (dies könnt ihr unter anderem auf willsmith.com), welche in Kürze offiziell mit Video usw. released werden wird. Wie auch immer, Wills neue CD stellt den aktuellen Standort des Hip-Hop in Frage und wirft desweiteren auch einige Fragen über die Welt an sich auf. Doch natürlich hat Will auch wieder einiges Spass-Zeug mit dabei wie wir es vom guten alten 'Prince' gewohnt sind. Das Album hat nicht sonderlich viele Gäste, aber neben dem legendären Snoop Dogg ist natürlich auch einer der grössten DJs überhaupt, DJ Jazzy Jeff wieder dabei und mit auf dem Album. Hört euch also die 'Partystarter'-Single an und kauft euch anschliessend das Album. Der 'Fresh Prince' ist zurück und seine Musik sollte absolut jeder hören.

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post this at http://www.d12world.com/board they have well over 52,000 members they got a huge site right now they have 475 members online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post this there ur guarenteed to get some people to peep it

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Hey that D12 thread is invalid, they musta deleted it already, I don't expect too many Eminem teenyboppers to support Will 'cause they don't give a damn about saving hip-hop, they think it's great the way it is now! I say we hit up the ol' school hip-hop forums first if there are any 'cause they'd be the ones that'd most likely willing to support Will if they haven't already! We need to plan this out and figure out who's gonna post at what site, that way the plan could be orgainzed, the first thing we should all post here in this thread and say that we're willing to help then we could figure out how many are doing it, then we assign certain forums for each of us to do. Of course I've been trying already when I post on certain of my favorite hip-hop forums, I mention about the album once in a while and when the album dropped Tim and I mentioned about it over on Public Enemy's board and we got some of their fans interested in it, a lot of their fans seem to respect JJFP 'cause when they talk about ol' school hip-hop they usually mention them as one of their favorites.

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Just so you know Fresh Ta Def, 2 topics about Lost and Found already existed in D12world.com forum news section even before the album got released and the forum members were actually supporting Will Smith as an artist. And a month later the album was even put up for downloading in their music section. So that's why your topic would have gotten deleted because of probable spamming. :lolsign:

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well i wanted 2 go to Ludacris' board, but something happened. i registered and they never sent me an e-mail with my password, so i cant login. i can't see the board either. hopefully some1 else can handle it. i did however join audioscrobbler and i joined Lerkot's Will Smith group!!

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