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Big Willie Style vs. Lost and Found


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Hmm...Big willie style is def a feelgood album.Even though at some times it does shine thru as most corporate and massproduced and just commercial. Something that ain't the case with willenium and L&F (but it is the case with born to reign).

Different type of albums:

Party: Big willie style

Feeling good: Big willie style

Intellectual: Lost and Found

Will skills: Lost and found

Lyrics: Lost and found.

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BWS is a fun album, nothing too serious, but pretty good nonetheless, but Lost and Found addresses all topics, it shows the growth in his work and abilities.

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Come on man you just made a thread about which Will solo album is the best one, it's hard to favor one over the other for me, I don't get how you can say that Will showed no skills on "Big Willie Style", "Y'all Know", "It's All Good" "Yes Yes Y'all", and "Don't Say Nothin'" are among the wittiest of his career, even when he's rapping about how much paper he has, he does it with wit, you can't say that about 50 Cent though, come on even back in the day when he was rappin' about girls and parents he showed as much skill as Chuck D and KRS did at the time with their political rhymes, "Chasin' Forever" and "Just The Two Of Us" are among the deepest songs he's ever made, the one thing I could put down about it though is it's production, it'd sound better if he got somebody other than LES and Trackmasters on his tracks, Nas has the same problem, he doesn't always go to big name producers for beats but his lyrics are always on track, great mcs need better production, I mean now if Snoop could get Pharrell to produce songs for him, why can't Will? I bet most of the people who buy 50's albums just buy it for beats, lol. "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" and "Miami" is easily more lyrical than any of the commercial songs that P.Diddy, Snoop, Mase, and 50 Cent have ever done and that's supposed to be one of his worst lyrical tracks, that means he's a rap god when you could compare his worst stuff to most rappers best stuff. I think "Lost and Found" shows his maturity and his skills have evolved too for the changing times, I also think that Jazzy shoulda been more involved with the production on here as well, "Wave 'Em Off" and "Could U Love Me" were weak productions. Regardless of weaker production, they're still both classic albums 'cause skills are more valuable than beats to me, "Born To Reign" was probably his best album produced among the solo but the lyrics weren't up to his usual pheonominal focus for some reason, I mean if you're riding down the road and don't wanna hear the lyrics and just want ur bass to pump then u'd throw on 50, Mase, or Snoop, but if you wanna chill and listen to lyrics you throw on FP or Nas. You could say that great mcs only get better with age, I don't think we've seen the best from Will yet, he should get Pete Rock, DJ Premiere, Teddy Riley, and Jazzy to produce his entire next album and we'll hear even more aggressive rhymes! :1-say-yes:

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I didn't diss wills skills. I think just he has a better flow and lyrics on Lost and found. The rhymeschemes, rhymesyllables and so on. More complex than BWS that is good in those way but pretty usual.

Agree on the productions too even though i like could you love me (the beat, not the whole song). Born to Reign got some mad beats that are not ruined..but wasted. The title track is INSANE.

Willenium sounded pretty 1999/2000 even though it had timeless beats like the rain and afro angel.

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I have 2 go with Lost + Found...but just by a lil' bit.

Big Willie Style is a great album, different flavas, very mainstream at times but with tight lyrics and beats that often are good, but don't upstage the lyrics.

Lost + Found is a lil' more free and down 2 earth...it's not as sugar coated. The overall vibe is just stronger.

I still strongly believe that Willennium is easily his best solo album tho.'

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I dont think Big Willie Style is anywhere near Lost and Found.. creatively Lost and Found is light years ahead.. great songs, lyrics, skillz, meaning on lost and found.. on big willie style we had will rapping about cars, clothes, how rich he is, how good he is..very little substance.. add to that the fact that the production on the album by trackmasterz consisted of them taking a hit from the 80s, sampling it, and adding nothing creative to it all and I cant see big willie style beating L&F on any points.. :chuks:

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I love big willie style, there are timeless tracks on it.. chasing forever, men in black, it's all good.... but the production isn't so amazing. Lost and found is on another level from all points of view! I don't like some beats in lost and found, but lirically is Great!!! I go with lost and found and if it had had a track like I wanna rock/pump me up, it would have been my favourite Will smith album!!!

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Well if you compare "Big Willie Style" to everything else at that time it was the best album out at that time hands down except for maybe Wyclef's "Carnival" and Slick Rick's "The Great Art Of Storytellin'" which was another fun album in the late 90s, I was a young teen a that time so I liked all that fun stuff, "Life After Death" is the most overrated album of all time, it was trash that didn't deserve to sell as much as "Big Willie Style", I don't get how people could call Biggie a GOAT, Will's rhymes are lightyears ahead of Biggie, Will beat commercial rappers at their own game with that album, just like when Nas released "It Was Written" with a more commercial style for the masses, you could say if they went with more serious material at the time they might've not sold much and their careers would've ended 'cause the public was mourning Pac and Biggie and they didn't wanna hear much seriousness for a while, "Lost and Found" is easily a more mature version and the best out now, time'll tell if it becomes a timeless classic, all albums depend on taste with Will 'cause they're all different styles that're great, sometimes I don't wanna hear about the problems of the rap game all the time and hear somethin' more fun then other times I'm sick of the fun stuff and want food for thought, but I can't really say any of his solo albums are better than "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" and "Code Red", I don't think that many rappers period are topping those albums 'cause they're perfect up and down with all tracks above average and classic.

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