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Euro cup 2004

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any1 here saw the holland - Czech Republic game?!?!? what an amazing game!!! the best game in the euro 4k so far.... the dutch coach is an idiot, i think they lost because of him and his stupid substitutes (i hope i wrote it correctly). a great comeback by the Czech team and this all game was just great... a beautiful game to watch for soccer fans.

and if any1 doesn't know, holland lost 3:2 after the led in the 20th minute 2:0.
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Yep it was an ace game, and defo best so far.

Confirmation of second matches in the group stages


Greece 1-1Spain
Russia 0-2 Portugal

England 3-0 Switzerland
Croatia 2-2 France

Bulgaria 0-2 Denmark
Italy 1-1 Sweden

Latvia 0-0 Germany
Holland 2-3 Czech Republic

Tonights games are Russia Vs Greece & Spain Vs Portugal.

The tournament really heats up now that the deciding teams will go through to the knockout stages within the next few days
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watched all those games.

I was expecting Poturgal to win, and they did.Luis Figo is the only fav player that I got from Portugal

Damn man, I never knew Russia was that good..Man, I thought Holland was gonna win..lots of teams are changing

Includin: France
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Confirmation of the 3rd and final games of the group stages


Russia 2-1 Greece
Spain 0-1 Portugal


Croatia 2-4 England
Switzerland 1-3 France


Italy 2-1 Bulgaria
Denmark 2-2 Sweden

Holland 3-0 Latvia
Germany 1-2 Czech Republic

So the Quarter Finals look like this

June 24th


June 25th


June 26th

Holland Vs Sweden

June 27th

Czech Republic Vs Denmark

England are now second favourites behind France
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All i can say is gutted about England last night

They went out 6-5 on Penalties to Portugal after the match ending in a 2-2 draw after extra time.

We also had a goal dissaloud for what i saw as no reason what so ever.
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Man, I have a feeling Portugal's gonna take it all the way.
They have:[list]
[*]Home Advantage
[*]Had an amazing game with England
[*]Beat Germany without their best players
[*]Seem 2 be the favorites (other than France)
[*]Final: Portugal Vs. France (Czech Repulic is also amazing this year tho'!)
[/list]Even tho' Germany, England AND Italy are now out, the quarterfinals/finals are still gonna be pretty cool. It'll still be an unpredictable week!
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man that was an exciting game to watch tho, just when u thought England had lost it they would come back, i dont know how ppl can watch footy all the time its too stressful lol.

We should have won it tho, even tho we played quite badly the ref should have allowed the goal, the players didnt even touch the goaly and the ref was miles away so what did he see. and he shouldnt have continued the game while england are celebrating.

aw well who cares, more impotant things to do, like big brother woohoo!
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How can you say Beckham's not a star anymore just cos he's a missed a couple of penalties.

He's still the most famous football player in the world today.

France are out too now. Times are changing, the big names don't always perform anymore.

Role on the World Cup in 2006, its gonna be an interesting tournament

I hope Holland go on to win Euro 2004 now.
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man! Holland made it to the semi finalls! :rofl: the dutch r normaly the worse at taking penalties, but this time they won! it would b cool if they win.
2night czech republic - denmark i think denmark will loose, the czech's r good.

the semi finals

Holland - Portugal
Greece - winner from 2night
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