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Euro cup 2004

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damn it.2day is Canada day and I might not watch the game that will be played.
This Euro cup is unbelieveable..All the biggest names in footballare out including:
France, Germany,England, and Italy..and now Holland..
Poor France..they got their world cup title taken away, now it's the euro cup..

P.S it seems to me like only 3 peeps on da forums watch football

rest in peace
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Guest Prince
Greece took it 1-0 in the Final against the hosts Portugal. :touche: Good game, and I think the better team won. Definitely not a fluke that Greece won... They came from nowhere, beat Portugal twice and also knocked out the holders France. Respect. :dj:

Damnit! I owe someone money :cya:
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Guest Prince
[quote=willreign,Jul 4 2004, 10:20 PM]the thing that I liked in the game was the part with the fan that thro himself 2 the greece gool lol...[/quote]
Haha yeah that was great. There's always one! :roll:
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Who said I was voting 4 Portugal??? :kekeke:
The only reason why I watched the game is to see the fireworks..they were good..

damn it man..I don't believe they lost..Greece don't deserve the championship..
Portugal was great, i've never seen them play that hard...this year hasn't been a great 1 4 me..
Poor C.Ronaldo, the dude blames himself 4 losing...Did he have to cry?? :dunno:
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Greece do deserve it. They are a well oiled machine. Just with no star players. Its good for football on a whole that an outsider has won the tournament. Mkes the game more interesting for the future and makes all the bigger teams stand up and take note.

Role on the World cup in 2006, mite be unpradictable aswell
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Yeh it was quite shocking. Im getting to that age where i've stop expecting so much of England in tournaments. The first proper tournament i watched them in was Euro 96 and we lost by penalties in that, penalties again in World Cup 98, and now in 2004 too.

However hopefull i am we'll bounce back, who knows now
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