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Euro cup 2004

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loosers maybe abit harsh, We really deserved to win last night.

Role on Thursday's game now, we can pick ourselves up again and meet France in the final to prove we can beat them. We hnever have that little bit of luck tems need.
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lol im not a football fan but i watched the match to be patriotic and so on, but i only saw up to 85 mins coz i got bored and had a shower, i came downstairs and said "did we win then mum" and she was like no, i really thought she was kidding lol.

Then the whole dumbass country had riots, its just a game so im not that bothered , it was a bit dissapointing but ppl take it too far.
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[quote=jj,fp2004+Jun 12 2004, 04:09 PM]any1 saw the games today? both games were bad..... i hope tomorrow the games would be better, i'm waiting for england against france.[/quote]
ya man, i saw all the games played on the weekend.

I never thought that Portugal was gonna lose.that was just an accident.
did ya c France and England? Barthez? he's da man.
I knew france was gonna win that game.it reminds me of the match they played against Italy.I think France is out there to piss off some fans and other teams.Always in d last minutes.

I'm serprized Beckham doesnt know Barthez up to now.Barthez likes to kneel alot.
he likes to go down.That was just a big mistake by bechkham.

That's it.i gotta shut up now.I can go on all day long talkin about football
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[quote=jj,fp2004+Jun 14 2004, 03:20 AM]england are such a loosers!!! i can't believe what i just saw!!! amazing.....[/quote]

England losers? I actually 4got.Now way are the English losers.U c y they lost?t's bcoz they played again't France.

Damn England is good..I will be voting 4 them too.But i still put France on da top.
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Knowing a players style isn't gonna help you when it comes to penalties. Beckham's shot was not bad but not his usual technique of taking penalties.
I give props to Barthez for saving the penalty though, it was a great reaction save.

One highlight of last night was i got my photo taken and interviewed for my local newspaper after the game on what i thought and it was in todays issue, shame it was for the wrong reasons.

Just watched the Sweden Vs Bulgaria game. I tell ya Sweden have come along way since 2002 world cup. Well more in the sense of their style, they seemed a very fast team and direct.

Looking forward to Germany Vs Holland tommorow, thats the next biggest game of the group stages so far after the England France game.
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Lets see how 2mora's game goes first

Germany don't have a strong team on paper, but tend to do well on the big stage so we'll see.

I really like the fact that this tournament is so opne for alot of teams chances of winning.

France may be strong faves but England proved yesterday that goals can be scored against them. They went over a year without conceding a goal and thats a pretty good clean sheet to keep
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I bet AJ and other regular peeps from the US are thinking what all the hype of this tournament is about.

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