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Euro cup 2004

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i don't think england can take the euro cup because they are too defensive and their strikers owen and heskey are'nt realy good right now, rooney (i'm not sure how to wright his name) is the only hope for them.
i think italy can make it this year and i realy like them.
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But ya, my first choice is france, coz once Thierry Henry or Zinedin Zidan have the ball, unstoppable.
I think 1 of the 2 will walk away with the golden boots.

So you don't think England might win?
So do i, i just say that so Jullie can be happy.damn jullie, you have no trust in ya country's team
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I'll have to disagree with the fact you think England are too defensive. We have 2 defensive centre backs yeah but the left and right backs Ashley Cole & Gary Neville are quite attacking players, as for the midfield they are all attacking players who can score from distance. Strikers wise, Owen will pull through as he always does at major tournaments, and i think Rooney will thrive on the pressure of someone his age. If we can pull off a draw or a win in our first game against France we can go all the way.

I'll shut up now cos i could talk all day about football

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ssssssspaiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!spain has one of the most great teams in the eurocup,so you'll see,to me the possible champions are,spain,france or italy,anyway there are so many great teams, and in a sport like football the logic doesn't exist
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I'm just sticking with France..
I 4got about Germay, they might make it. we will see when it all starts on saturday.
Let the french peeps win the cup.

I never watch the Euro cup 2002.Whose got the crown?
is it still france?

Did y'all see how they played in Euro 2000?
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