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What Are You Listening To? VI

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NO SCRUBS!!!! ~ TLC...

a scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me...

Man this song is universal language to women and men. Watch out 4 those scrubs sittin in the passenger side,...wanting WHATEVER free ryde they can get! LMBO



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I just saw this video 4 the 1st time. I loved the song already, but he video took the song 2 the next level. It has a retro 80's pop ballad feel and it talks about being cool with a ex from back in the day who has a girlfriend. The whole thing is very 80's Madonnaish. The video actually takes u 2 a place mentally that alot of people can relate 2, even if they've never gone thru' something like that.

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Craig Mack feat. LL, Biggie, and Busta "Flava In Ya Ear", '94 classic!

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