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So everyone who wants to be involved in the live radio show(with everyone together) download this program called Skype. http://www.skype.com and register a username.. And i'll be able to do a conference with everyone..and then I can tape the audio of the chat for our podcast :word:

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Darn it. The program when i try and open it to install keeps crashing my computer. I'll try again in abit.

Oh and Julie, i got myself a clip microphone for PC use from Poundland and you'd be surprised at the sound quality that comes from it. Not brilliant but good for computer use.

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Okay I've got my headset and I'm on Skype.. everyone who wants to be on the radio show podcast add me.. my user name is HieroHero

Everyone who hasnt got Skype yet download it now and register an account.. this is gonna be real easy to do.. I just need to call a conference with everyone.. and then record the chat with the program I have :2thumbs:

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It's a great program. Tim and I was on last night, and we had a little fun. LOL He was like... Natalie are you there?...I can hear u typing, which tripped me out, cuz as soon as I added him to my buddy list, all of a sudden I hear this really cute Australian voice talking. .! hahahah I was like whoa! :2thumbs:

The most amazing thing, is to finally be able 2 talk to ppl that I've known in the JJFP community for 5 and 6 years growing strong...

FAMILY REUNION TYME!!!! haha imma add u next tyme I log on there Johnnie...



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