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I once read a quote attributed to Ted Turner, I don't know if it's true or not, but I like it. "I go to every meeting with ten ideas, one of the ideas may turn out to be a good one." With that in mind, here are some ideas for some funny stuff to do on the show.

"This Just In," followed by goofy/mocking stuff. "This Just In, Mike Jones arrested after starting a fight at a liquor store. Apparently, when asked for ID, the alleged rapper refused, repeatedly yelling 'I'm Mike Jones!'" Like that, but funnier

Could have a rap-punditry segment. I don't know how it is where ya'll live, but in a lot of the U.S. news shows there'll be a guest representing the democrats and a guest representing the republicans. (I really have no clue about the rest of the world, so in case ya don't know, that's the two, and only two, sides of our political parties) They're pundits and they basically say how great their side is on any particular issue. The pod-cast could have two characters, one representing the rap side, the other representing the hip-hop side. They could argue funny issues, like "Is it true, 'b---es aint' s--t but hoes and tricks.'" The hip-hop cat could be very intelligently discussing it, the rap cat could throw out a single, simple, ignorant sentence in reply, with every-other word beeped out.

Some "investigative reporting" skits. For example, the reporter could claim to have tracked down an actual redneck living in a trailer park that loves hip-hop. That could make for a funny mock interview. It could be a series of reports, random people who love hip-hop who you wouldn't guess it. Librarian, politician, scientist, etc... Haha, in the voice of the crazy scientist from the Simpsons: “Um, well, yes. When I’m calculating quantum spin on a photon in motion, I always have to have my Luda bumpen. It helps me concentrate.”

A regular bit kinda like the old guys from the Muppets, have Hero come on at times (at the end of the show) and say some funny stuff about how bad the show is.

A flash forward thing, hip-hop from 2018 or some such thing... "Jay-Z just broke Michael Jordan’s record and retired for the 13th time today" "Will Smith just won his 12th Grammy" "Ying-Yang twins just released their new album. Expanding on their whisper song, their first single has no words at all. By all accounts, it's their best release to date." Etc...

And not so funny, a hip-hop news portion.

Well, that's only six, I guess I need four more before I hit on a good idea. :)

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I'd be up for getting involved. I've done plenty of pub/club DJ-ing and done college radio shows before so i guess my experience gives something to offer.

DJ KevTastic back again :jazzy:

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Jokes are always good for a radio show.

Not too rude tho :lolsign:

Top 5 phrases of the week

Top 5 songs of the week

etc etc

all the groups top 5 stuffs

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How about playing songs that people from this board made! Songs by FuQ, Da Brakes, Willreign, Me....you know everybody that made some music!

Could we play those tracks or would that be a problem with the copyright?

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There is no copyright on our own material, unless of course you sampled another copyrighted track so it shud be fine to have tracks by us.

Even if your own work is copyrighted your allowing to be used so its all good. Pop the bubbly

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Well, that's only six, I guess I need four more before I hit on a good idea. :)

LOL... u almost there tho bro. good ideas so far tho...

believe it or not.... Im still not sure how podcast will work..so bear with me u guys until I get up to speed. lmbo... When is it suppose to happen timboat? Any ideas when ur gonna get it all set up?

are there such things as karaoke nite maybe once a week? or like a comedy nite when someone entertains us with jokes. pls let me know if im off track here. lmbo



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I got a library of music from Crystal Clear Entertainment you guys can play if you like, always good for promotion too. I could do reviews of Jeff shows and stuff whilst I'm there like at Creamfields. it all depends on what I'm doing but if I say I'll do something it's done.

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hey...I have a great idea...

Would u guys want to have some JJFP fans contests on Podcast too? I would be willing to offer a prize of a pastel portrait of Will or Jeff (maybe even with the winner in the pic too, cuz I can combine pics) (and mailed in a tube, no framing, no matting etc) as the prize. BUT, the winner has to pay for his or her own shipping and handling costs via paypal. and have the portrait framed himself.or herself...

If you guys want this to happen,...I can be in charge of the award committee thru July of 2006. LOL and I can do one per quarter/annually. (4 per year in other words) so that would mean only 2 for the remainer of this year... and 2 for beginning of next year, then we switch the prizes up...

anyways...I know that would be a great gift/prize for someone. but the portraits are NOT for sale once the winner receives it...

whatta u guys think??? lemme know...



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yea I think so too.. Im sittin here listening to Chasing Forever. LOL...and came up with that idea. THe reason I am only willing to do a total of 4 (within the next 12 months) is because I hold a high value to my art, and I mostly do celebrity or corporate executive portraits. And this would be VERY valuable to the fan who wins, especially if they meet Will of Jeff and get it autographed...

i just need a VERY clear pic of the winner...but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it... if infact we go with this idea...

whoo hooo!





one thing tho. I am not willing to do portraits for some ppl who just happen to pop on the podcast and not a true fan/Potna. It is available to the fans that have been around, and not just some floozie wanting a free pic of them and Will or JJ. nope. wont do it. LOL... ok carry on...

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  • Admin

Name: The Will Smith Podcast

Artist: Jazzyjefffreshprince.com

Description: The latest movie, music and TV news, and reviews on Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff. Its a weekly show for Will Smith fans by Will Smith fans.

Show 1 Rundown

Latest News

- Party Starter Music Video

- Pursuit of HappyNess

- Fresh Prince of Bel Air Second Season DVD news

Weekly Review

Dave gives us his weekly review of a Will Smith or Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince Track

best of the e-mails

- we go over the funnier e-mails that come into jazzyjefffreshprince.com

hot topics on the forum

- brief discussion on the weekly highlight on the forum


-da brakes organised battle featured

Seperate Segments for the show

- wes (beatboxin) Jonny, Julie, zeffbean, michelle, - if they can think of sumthin for the show

Comedy News Segment

- "this just in.." hip hop related jokes

Weekly Debate

-topic -???

Fake Investigative Report/Interview

Hip Hop in 2020

-Kinda like Conan Skit.. In the year 2020 yadda yadda

Top 5 Will Smith songs for the week

Music from Will Smith Fans!

- Da Brakes Track for Week 1


-? Cookies Podcast Comp

Our Hosts - Dave(Scyhigh), WilliefromPhilly, Kevtastic

Okay thats what we got so far, anybody got any more suggestions?

I was thinking we could have sort of Loretta based segment sumthin funny?

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