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Live MTV : Will Smith

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yey i think ive done it! Its 68mb so i hope its not too big. This is the first half (up to the break) it includes switch, jazzys cool little interlude, jiggy and the best miami live ive ever seen.

The next section (party starter and summerime) is coming soon, enjoy!


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Whayey welcome to quick internet!!!. Thanks for this aswell. I just caught it on MTV Base. Yeah fan 4eva that miami performance was dope. but i loved "I Wanna Rock" Big Will turning Fresh Prince in a matter of seconds. Love it

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hey Julie i dont think u have to put summertime cuz i already download from DA CHAMP IS HERE and party starter but it is has a little bit interview with Will in the middle of the song and 1 more think CAN U SPLIT THE FIRST PART CUZ IT IS TOO BIG in DA Champ IS HERE WE also got SWITCH and can just the others parts split or something like that cuz with my conection i have to download the whole first side like a 2 days but if u can ITS ALL GOOD :2thumbs:

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