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I got you covered Wes.. you can get it whenever you want

thanx a bunch Tim!!

right now i got $30 and im gonna be spendin some on my car and some on that Hitch/Live in Concert DVD combo right around the same date (June 14th). i get out of school June 17th and hopefully i'll have a job by then, i've already applied for a couple jobs and i should be gettin a paycheck hopefully sometime around the beginnin of July, so hopefully by the beginnin of July i can order those off u!

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I got mine in the mail today! Thanx Tim! Real great stuff!

1 think that bugged me tho...how the hell could Will say that Ja Rule has skillz?? Damn, that was like :"what the.....did you just say??" :lolsign:

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yeah i'll ship anywhere in the world.. you can pay me by paypal.. you can also send me an international money order or cheque if you cant use paypal.. but that will take longer, cause you'll have to send it in the mail.. anyway any1 ineterested e-mail me @ jjfpdvds@optusnet.com.au and i'll give you all the details

I've e-mailed you! I've finally got paypal sorted!

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Yo .. im still planning to get those great dvds .. so i made a cover for the live-dvd .. for everyone who wants to make a nice little dvdbox ..

i hope y'all enjoy it ..



3d rotation:


full cover:


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