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new mix of 'switch'

Guest afroman

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Guest afroman


yeah will's great - i was a fan waaaay back and still am now. i also think switch is a great track.

as for the download bit - its meant to be ironic cause to get this track you have download it!

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stain' in alvie



gre8 idea


its kinda ruin the song, stain alive is a true classic

some will think its a crime 2 do thing like that

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Guest afroman

I will register soon It's a cool site

I did do another Will remix - Getting Jiggy in electric dreams

its the theme to Electric Dreams (the 80's film) by Georgio Moroder mixed with Gettin Jiggy. Its very simple - just will over and edited down version of the 12" mix but if you want to hear it I will put it up tomorrow...


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