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Battle Me II


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Hey yo Mr. Prince Charming ya just like tha rest

You so lame to me i wouldnt dare call you fresh

You probaly wear small shirts and tight jeans thats Guess!

I dont give a damn about you i can wash you out

If you was a inscent i probaly brush you about

Brushin tha dirt from my shoulder while um keepin it clean

Keepin my shirt popped if ya kno what i mean

Pushin you haters down just like tha rest of tha team.

We keepin it tight, ready to fight given you lil fellows a good night.

Um tha one keepin it fresh for all of my life.

You a prince and um a King

Get down on both knees and worship me

Um tha freestyle KING bow down before me

P.key tha man and um a "FRESH" KING comin from tha R.O.C. So prince charming bring it to me!

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You must have flipped your lid kid I was being nice to you

I'm busy with other battles, but I still got a breath for you

You just signed a death warrant, just dug your own grave

I don't just spit rhymes in a mic, it's magic stick that I wave

The hell you talkin about 'we keepin it tight'

Who the hells with you? I'll takem on and won't take all night

You keep poppin your collar, keep dusting your shoulder

By the time you get the dirt I kicked on you I'll be 10 years older

Who cares if you're the 'King' just get me a Whopper

I'll wave my mic in the air and drown you like Dennis Hopper

Don't worry 'king' I'll bring it to you, I'll turn the knife slow

You're getting served, but would you like humble pie or crow?

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Ooh im scared of a prince charming who might blow kisses till my death

I aint scared of no punks in pink tights and shimerry belts

Ok i'll admit you kicked a small rhyme

But yo lil stunt gon get you sandded and sawed like some pine

Mabey you should breathe and shake like one of your buddies and gaymen

I'll save your stretch for when they use tha stretcher after liftin you from tha pavement

I dont kno y you testin me that was just a warning shot

I just wanted to see what you were workin wit

Now you gon see what i got

And you askin who on my team hav you ever heard of team ROC

We highly ranked around here so your next move is a flop

You going down, your climb to tha top is over

I'll hide yo body in tha trunk while i ride a range rover

O no P.Key dont be so offensive

A great offense has a better defense so you better listen

Team ROC on top and we do not flop

For tha last time if you hear my name kneel down and drop.

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Pkey thats it

i was only gonna be patience i was being nice

its not my fault u were grown up with lice

oh u think ur in the R.O.C with jigga and kayne

maybe u need to get your head around the right way

your an idiot, an insult to rap, ur crap

homie take the insults, oh do i really have to slap

im gettin anoyyed just readin that your the best

well put it to the test bitch, u already need a rest

i can do this thing all day and all night

ask this board, coz they all know im right

what are you doing u? u a fan of will?

coz u aint real? so homie heres to deal, how u feel?

about me rippin u to peices, even ur neices

can rip u into a shread, did u hear what i just said?

why even start a battle if u gonna be left for dead

they day that your offensive imma die

and i dont mean to be shy, but why u lie

ask "Don jiggy he heard of me"

bitch ill beat u and thats just a gaureentee

so if u listen to my mission coz im just pissin

all of u and all of your raps, ur a disgrace

if u wana live for another 2minutes, leave this place

and dont came back homie, come on show me

that was your warnin shot? lets see what ya got

when j-o-e gets on the m-i-c he rocks the spot

i dont mean to be mad when i say get it straight

i dont wana hate, its just ur an idiot whos never bin on a date

and whats this that your a king? its just a thing

if ur the king come on man wheres ya bling?

and why u call us mothersuckas can u say it?

motherfu*ckers, u better say down and pray it

u just need to think about dreams and reality

u messin wit j-o-e and fpc, its now a technicality

wot u geussin, coz im just pressin

now im testin u, and the end of this, ill be restin u

u neva knew about me untill i dissed u

the girls hate u, the only women who kissed u

was ur mother, and i aint going about oh brother

coz ur a bother, when was the last time u had a lover

see ive been waitin for someone to be hatin

then ill flip the script and the audience can be debatin

dont u realize theres a battle going on?

so please shut the hell up with ur songs

its boring me to death, i need to take a breath

but if i dont my health will expire and ill knick ya wealth, damn

look at ur name ur a little willy

trying to beat me, man dont be so silly

pkey what are u even chattin?

ill diss u in english, even in latin

u can even afford a range rover

so if u in the R.O.C say hello to H.O.V.A

for me coz i know thats all bull****

u need to quit, and forfiet coz imma spit

untill my tounge goes dry or i die

u gonna fry, tell me why the hell u lie

u gonna come back with something all whack

dont bother coz whatever u say it dnt mean jack

i can diss u but all the words would be censord

get a steady job forget rap, get ur pension, homie

Edited by J-o-e
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Royal Oaks chain gang is the street that i claim

yall lame, yall rap about cartoons and things

aint nobody hard enough to step-up to the ROC

if you do, get yo head swoll like Flavor Flav's clock

real nigga, no gimmicks give a target i hit it

im sick of just battlin you niggas,now im a straight up kill it

Don Jig; Pkey you know how we be

2 stuntin young bucks straight outta memphis tennessee

J-O-E understand the ROC is our street, not the company

you got at pkey wit hostility, now you gotta come get at me

cuz you were my homie dont turn out to be a phony

i thought you were a playa cuz you know im a MACoroni

but when you get on my family the way u did, you'll go back to wearin a bib

cuz you cant eat solid foods without teeth kid

no fib no fable i bring realness to the table

i cant believe its me against the world, now im battlin Sable

easy win, knockout from the force of my rhymes

you too slow to dodge it, get a strategy, cuz im a do it every time


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look at u, jacking 2pac lines

look at me, killin u wit this rhyme

homie u kno the deal, im in my prime

ur useless and yet stupid

someone get god coz he thinks hes cupid

don jiggy and pkey sittin in a tree

f-u-c-k-i-n-g, ur pathetic to me

and homie ill still a playa and still in the game

the only different is i aint and u is lame

tell me why isit so easy

coz whatever u say always pleases me

that an MC like me has to be eagar to

look i got beef wit pkey not u

so spit ya 16 and make sure u can get thru

coz imma let that one slide, dont hide

imma break down ya pride, i was on ya side

untill im running outta time, outta lines

for me to beat u wit loadsa rhymes

see if im not thrillin ya

then homie im killin ya

i like ya songs, homie for real im feelin ya

and i dont kno how u be, come on tell

its not my fault that i am and ur not livin well

i dont give a f*ck if u live in Tennesee

man, that places makes me pee, i need to be free

coz wherever i go i start a new beef

i duno what it is, a disease eager to please knockin out ya teeth

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hey yo **** you son now you don got me upset

you talkin bout beef

bitch this aint even started yet

Tha champ is here which means you need to keep movin

if not you gon get beat down til you swell like Big Rubin

My flows untouchable you can neva reach me

Um gon stiff arm you away while i score a TD

Um spittin my **** from my brain on a full tank

You can try to spit back but all you shootin is blanks

Um bringin tha truth um givin it to you frank

From tha bottom of my heart I swear You ****in stank

You not even worth my time

I dont know y um trippin

I saw your girl last night

She was straight strippin

Um a pimp my chinks favor Eve and Amerie

That means I pull chicks Like Mike Lowry

You ask if im a fresh prince fan

what type of question is that

Um battlin you and prince charming

Now how fresh is that

My nigga Don Jiggy don stepped up to tha plate

He probaly gave you tha holy ghost

and had you runnin in place

Didnt I tell you I was a down south KING of my home

How dare you disrespect Tha state of my throne

When I read yo lyrics Your boring lines put me to sleep

They make my head hurt and it feels like I bleed

KING P. is tha name make sure you respect tha game

I would had to leave you lying somewhere

outlined in white frame

You say you got beef so that means I got to ya

You say um wack but what do I really mean to ya

So this is tha end of my ryhme um not gon (beef) wit you again

So come holla at me and bring this **** to a end

R.O.C. 4Eva

Jiggy I see you playa

Get at me

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Aight let me see, where should i start

Gotta holla at my dawgs Pkey and the Don Jiggy himself

Let's Go!!!!!!!!

It's gangsta George on da Mic

and im demandin yo respect

if u say otherwise

u catch quickhitters from the tek

these bullets bless

they leavin n*ggas in the dust

u get wrong h*e

the consequence is get yo head bust

a Memphis N*gga

and im also a lyrical mastermind

da R.O.C aint no joke

withstand da test of time

da best of rhymes

come from the lips of this coalition

we headbussas

experts in the art of wig splitten

im bout gettin

every nickel n dime up out dis game

break bread wit real ones

dont give a f*ck bout u other lames

we runnin thangs

we got guns wit extra clips

we stackin paper

buyin toys to go on extra whips

n*ggas wanna trip?

i think ya'll done misunderstood

its time 4 black mask sh*t

leavin bodies in yo hood

and to any n*gga out there claimin u gone do me in

take a page from scareface

say hello to my little friend

Anybody who want it holla atcha boy

R.O.C. all day

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gangsta why you droppin bodies boy?

you think thats hard.. lives destroyed?

murdering people aint sumthin to spit in ya rhymes

theres nothing to be gained from bragging about crimes

im about positivity and intelligence above that ****

you'll end up in jail locked up with the males

im a be chillin with my females

checkin e-mails

livin free from any shackles

because i tackles

lifes hardship head on

head strong

and i'm on this earth to live long

hustle till i receive a positive outcome

matched against life and i try to outrun

and outgun without gun or bullets or a bulletproof vest

saw you're rhyme and had to get this freestyle off my chest

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