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Battle Me II


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Pkey, your bite is more worthless than your roar

you must like humble pie, cause you came back for more

I'm back and I'm here to open your closet door

You're a gay homophobe, no ifs buts or ors

No typos kid you defend by projection

means you imply that I'm gay, but you dream of erections

Go 'head slander me here, cuss with major inflections

But when you enter the world best look out for infections

Put down the mic, you should pick up the phone

Call Elton John, have him take your ass home

I got more rhymes than there're genes in the human genome

You just started then died, Infant Mortality Syndrome

You came into here thinking you're game

I'm not a weather man, but I bring down the rain

You calling me out was your 10 seconds of fame

You're a cookie-cut rapper, one for all and all the same

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Wait a minute hold up you think im gay? Have you heard your name? Your a prince charming you are lame -you are no longer fresh. You battlin against me? Um bout to put you to rest.

We not gon go nowhere near yo closet door aint no tellin who might fall out. You keep hidin yo lil boyfriends who play wit balls. I heard it was Richard Simmons who likes to work yo back out till you fall.

Im surprised you responded

It took you all nite.

What did you do go sit in a corner a start to WRITE.

Uma a KING homie ask aska bout me

You'll never forget my name

You probaly think of me all night

Prince Charming and braces-down sat on my wall

You two tricks had a great fall

After you hit tha ground you were surrounded by men

We broke yall down and burried you again

You probaly wish i didnt see your name on tha list

You really didnt want to feel tha wrath my dis.

You a waste of time i really aint got nuthin else to say

You a lame ass rapper and um bout to blow you away

Ahhhhhhhhhh! R.O.C. In ya

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Surprise I responded? You were here last night looking at my post!

Then you signed off scared cause you knew you were toast

YOU took all night, but unlike you I have a life

I went to school and then work now I'm back to kick in the knife

Will you shut the f*ck up with your ROC

I don't give a **** where the hell you're from

I don't care who you f*ck with, who sticks it in your bum

Then you came back on here as an anonymous member

You must be talented you typed up your sh*t while sucking on members

You posted and fled not able to stand the heat

Pkey more likely signed off to suck off some guy's meat

Um... The f*ck is um about?

With your mouth full of jizz really think you should shout?

In your post you talk about blowing me away

The only thing you can blow only confirms that you're gay

I guess I shouldn't blame you, you're just projecting your gayness

You're like a rapping fa**ot that's just spouting sameness

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Okay look you little ****

your like a damn fly who want shoe fly away

Yo starting to get on my nerves

And whats up wit tha gay

Almost every line in your last little ryhme is about a homo

Is that all you think about

are you sure you dont take it in tha _ _ _ you know

Your ryhmes to me sound like a bunch of bulls*it

Um tired of battlin you and this not a game of tag

if it was your it.

You dont hav to care where im from but um still gone represent

Its tha R.O.C. forever and you aint gon neva forget

Don Jiggy P.Key and tha new cat G-A-N-G-S-T-A

We all gon bring it to you and you gon thank us

So keep my name out yo mouth you lil punk ass bitch

I dont wanna hear nothin from you

unless you want to lie in a ditch





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Prince Charming and braces-down sat on my wall

You two tricks had a great fall

Little bitch, trying to rip off lines from Cena,

You ain't no champ, just a ho like Brianna,

Trying to step aside and mind my own business,

But had to come back and show all these listeners,

The Brace has still got it to knock your teeth out,

You'd look like a hillybilly bursting in your sister's mouth,

Sorry to make it up just so graphic

Mention my name again, you'd be roadkill amongst traffic,

All these talks about being gay and getting laid,

Getting old and boring, cuz I already had these spits made,

You knew what I could do in the other post,

Can't even be original but yet trying to boast,

Starting a thread which is just like mine,

Most of your spits resemble the great Braces line,

This is just a warning shot, so try and get,

Or you'd be watching your own mom getting wet.


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pkey u realised i was asleep and u ripped 3 whack verses

and all of them filled with extremely whack curses

if i curse i do it for the worse, i had u buried from page 1

go on homie get your gun, shoot us all just for fun

see if you really think u can get away with it, be my geust

coz u shoot with me a gun, ill stab a pen straight into ur chest

ive put this battle to rest, a long time ago, why carry on?

im sick on tired of u rappin about all ur sick thongs, ur songs

they bore me completely, ive said this before, its repeately

u kno what i think Gansta and pkey are the same person

u rappin about random sh*t going to make the situation worsen

so let me slow it down, i can flow it now, no one likes u

we say we ripped u, opps look now i fu*kin spite u

at the start i was happy about more competion, but ur missin

something so homie just listen, ur anoying me too much

its not my fault ur queer and ur mum wanted me to touch

ur worse than curtis jackson gettin shot, homie im hot

i aint got to rap about voilence and drugs, i saw thugs

correct and the end of this rhyme u gonna be gettin hugs

coz u lost, as snoop said i paid the cost to be the boss

now this little whining bitch can hang that he just loss

me fpc and hero1, doing this sh*t for fun, without a gun

stopping reppin ur street, i dont give a damn if u cant eat

all i wana do is keep it real, and go deal somethin on ya street

R.O.C i dont care, i better not catch u state, coz ur homosexual

see me im a hetrosexual i aint got nuttin to do wit bisexual

ive said it before ur not king of sh*it get off that throne

come back to reality, come on now go on home!!! bitch

Edited by J-o-e
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You lil bitches just dont get it do you

I tried to leave you alone but you cant get it threw you thick domes

I tired of speakin with you

You guys are boring

I cant belive i just read those raps

I was almost snoring

P.key and G-A-N-G-S-T-A we are not tha same person

Who gives a **** what you think

Oops here goes more cursin

Hero1 i tried to show you some respect you

I even said you had a nice verse

Now you started some mess and hexxed your own curse

Who thinks your a Hero

Who did you save

J-O-E and Charming

Yeah you would save them gays

Look this is gettin long and your rappin me to snooze

Remember Im from the ROC I DO NOT LOSE!

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