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  1. Aight let me see, where should i start Gotta holla at my dawgs Pkey and the Don Jiggy himself Let's Go!!!!!!!! It's gangsta George on da Mic and im demandin yo respect if u say otherwise u catch quickhitters from the tek these bullets bless they leavin n*ggas in the dust u get wrong h*e the consequence is get yo head bust a Memphis N*gga and im also a lyrical mastermind da R.O.C aint no joke withstand da test of time da best of rhymes come from the lips of this coalition we headbussas experts in the art of wig splitten im bout gettin every nickel n dime up out dis game break bread wit real ones dont give a f*ck bout u other lames we runnin thangs we got guns wit extra clips we stackin paper buyin toys to go on extra whips n*ggas wanna trip? i think ya'll done misunderstood its time 4 black mask sh*t leavin bodies in yo hood and to any n*gga out there claimin u gone do me in take a page from scareface say hello to my little friend Anybody who want it holla atcha boy R.O.C. all day
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