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Black Radio & Tell Me Why


Will Black Radio play Tell Me Why?  

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  1. 1. Will Black Radio play Tell Me Why?

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I don't want to be negative about this but I get the feeling that "black radio" won't play it. It's a mature song and these radio stations are all about ratings. Having Mary J. Blige might help but I doubt it. Here in Chicago, nobody is talking about L&F on "black radio" and only one station, the "top 40/pop" station, is playing Switch on a somewhat consistent basis.

50 Cent, Game, G-Unit get the majority of airplay here on the "black stations." It's really sad where radio has fallen off to. It's the main reason why I carry my IPod around - so I can listen to the music I want to listen to when I want to listen to it. It's also the reason why "big radio" is taking a bit of a hit these days. More and more people are starting to want control over the music they listen to.

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^^^i agree... the whole G-Unit wave on black radio is disgusting. They play "candy shop," then after 10 minutes they play another 50Cent song. I don't hear Common, Talib, MosDef, or any other ppl who should get attention on "rap" stations. Rap stations nowadays are pop stations actually. They play the same rap songs the pop stations do anyways.

except out here in LA, black radio has been more receptive of Will and Lost and Found-which is good and surprising. Power 106 was the first station to play switch and pump ya breaks. 100.3 the beat still has Switch on it's playlist :)

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the thing is these radio stations said they are not playing Switch because its Pop..and what wahat 50 cents candy shop isnt pop? these radio stations seem to forget hip hop was built on fun party rap tracks like switch.. now if they can ignore the fact that switch is a huge hit with the people, and refuse to play that, i dont think tell me why will have any success on black radio even though its a serious song..they are gonna ignore it simply because its Will.. and frankly I dont care..because Will has proven he doesnt even need them

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Yeah I don't get why black radio never played "Just The Two Of Us", they had Magic Johnson and Stevie Wonder in the video, who are the top role models for black people and even had Stevie Wonder in "Wild Wild West" which was also a Stevie Wonder sample, and he did the South Afican concert with Jazzy Jeff recently, not to forget about Muhammad Ali asking Will to do "Ali", Will never turned his back on black peeps they turned their backs on him! If "Tell Me Why" doesn't get airplay on black radio I wouldn't be surprised, even if they have Russell Simmons in the video, it won't matter. :nono:

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The more I listen to it, the more I'm starting to think that thay won't have a choice. It's going to be requested over and over again, regardless of which recording artist is responsible for the track.

the lyrics, the instrumental, his feelings on the second verse, mary j.

many people will request it...

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Yo, it's gotten so bad that you'll hear 50 on one station, change the station, and hear a different 50 song on another station...

I remember in highschool, a friend and I were driving to school, and the radio was on. A Ja Rule track came on on the station, and we both reached for the radio dial at the same time to change the station. I let him change it to another hip hop station... they were playing a different Ja Rule song... we both reached for the dial again to put the radio off. Lol, we drove to school in silence... I can imagine that a lot of real hip hop heads in highschool are driving to school in silence on a constant basis.

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They would be absolutely crazy if they didn't play it. Tell Me Why is one of the greatest rap tracks of all time. They better play it!

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