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"Rebirth Of A Nation"


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I found this on the Enemy Board:

"Public Enemy's all new Paris-produced album, "Rebirth Of A

Nation," hits stores on August 9th, 2005! Featuring all-new

material, Rebirth Of A Nation will be available through all

major retailers - Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Barnes &

Noble, Borders, FYE, Tower, Sam Goody, Circuit City, Virgin,

and The Wherehouse, among others, as well as select

retailers online. Featuring Paris, Dead Prez, Kam, MC Ren,

Immortal Technique and The Conscious Daughters, Rebirth Of A

Nation is an exercise in controlled chaos, as Paris pulls

out all of the stops to present his finest work yet for what

is arguably the most important hip-hop group ever.

The single, "Can't Hold Us Back," hits stores July 12th. "

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isn't chuck d in public enemy (i think) but he has a show on air america or he is inbetween shown on air america so all I gotta say is he must be really busy!!!!

Yeah Chuck D has his own internet radio show, he writes books, he lectures at colleges, and I think he even made a new solo album too, and even posts blogs(he calls them "Terrordomes") on publicenemy.com monthly, I don't know where he gets his time! :speechless: I can't wait to see the PE video, hopefully it knocks some wack videos off the air! :kool:

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This is gonna be one hell of a summer, we're gettin' a Rev. Run album and a Public Enemy album, it's been a while since I've been lookin' forward to upcoming albums like this! :afro:

Speaking of time, this part of Chuck D's recent terrordome is genious, he sums it up perfectly how valuable our time is:

"Time. Let me tell you that Time is God. Simple as that. I don't care who the hell you are, where you come from, how much money you got, what religion's pimpin you out, or who you wit- time will whup that tail, sure as you born.

No one can MASTER time. The best that we can do is MANAGE our time as it pertains to us.

But time is different to different people, who sometimes can't share time because of differing value systems.

I tell cats my time is valuable and cannot be exchanged for someone time that's mostly a waste of it.

You heard it waits for no man, woman, child, plant, nor animal. True. But also you better understand time is given to you and you should spend it wisely because time is true money, and that in itself is rationed.

So if you feel something or someone is wasting your time either get away, give them a bill, or just politely tell them your time is too expensive to share.

Yeah, time IS God.

OK. April 2005, we are 25% through a year that is halfway through a new decade, in a new century and new millennium...signifying again that time waits for no man."

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Hey I'm gonna try to get more of PE's album collection before this new album drops, I'll probably get that "There's A Poison Goin' On" CD that Tim played for me the other in the JJFP radio. When you're talking all-time great hip-hop groups it's a coin toss between Public Enemy, JJFP, and Run-Dmc, NWA was great but they broke up too fast and these other groups are still together(Run-Dmc would still be out performing if JMJ was still alive). btw, I read that it's gonna be distributed through Universal, which is a Def Jam affiliate, so maybe they're going back to Def Jam, maybe that's why Mistachuck's been giving Jay-Z props in his recent terrordomes. :kekeke: In all seriousness though, I'll just be happy to find the album on the 1st day it gets released, it ain't gonna sell that much, the knowledge is gonna be way over most commercial rap fans' heads.

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For anyone who cares there's a Public Enemy song with Moby "MklvFkwr" on the XXX 2 Soundtrack(Samuel Jackson's and Ice Cube's new movie) which was on the '04 Olympic Soundtrack which I still never heard yet but I heard a lot of positive feedback when it was released last summer, Korn and Xzibit remake "Fight The Power" on there too, and there's an Ice Cube track on there too, but the rest of the tracklisting looks like commercial trash:

1. Get XXX’d - J-Kwon featuring Petey Pablo & Ebony Eyez

2. Anybody Seen The PoPo’s?! - Ice Cube

3. Fight The Power - KoRn featuring Xzibit

4. Messiah - Dead Celebrity Status

5. Oh No - Big Boi featuring Killer Mike & Bubba Sparxxx

6. The Payback - P.O.D. *

7. Dirty Little Thing - Velvet Revolver

8. Wyle Out - Bone Crusher

9. Here We Go - Dirtbag

10. Dis Dat Block - YoungBloodZ

11. Lookin’ For U - Chingy featuring G.I.B.

12. The March - Hush

13. MKLVFKWR - Moby & Public Enemy

14. Just Like Wylin’ - Bone Crusher & Three Days Grace

15. Did It Again - Labba

16. The Good Song - Tonéx

If I could get it for a cheap price I'd eventually buy it, but I think the tracklisting for the '04 Olympic Soundtrack looks better, hopefully they put "MklvFkwr" on the album, hey Will ain't the only rapper doin' soundtrack songs :poke:

Hey I just browsed the internet and found the link to the song "Mklvfkwr", it's dope! :afro:


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Hey I found the tracklisting for "Rebirth Of A Nation" on the EnemyBoard and they said on mtv.com that the album is gonna come out on August 23rd now:

"Rebirth Of A Nation" tracklisting-released on August 23rd

1. Raw S*** - (featuring Paris/Mc Ren)

2. Hard Rhymin' - (featuring Paris/Sister Souljah)

3. Rise

4. Can't Hold Us Back - (featuring Paris/Dead Prez/Kam)

5. Hard Truth Soldiers - (featuring Paris/Dead Prez/Conscious Daughters/Mc Ren)

6. Hannibal Lecture - (featuring Paris)

7. Rebirth Of A Nation - (featuring Professor Griff)

8. Pump The Music, Pump The Sound

9. Make It Hardcore - (featuring Paris)

10. They Call Me Flava

11. Plastic Nation

12. Coinsequences - (featuring Paris)

13. Invisible Man

14. Rules Of Engagement - (featuring Paris/Dead Prez/Immortal Technique/T-K.A.S.H./Sun Rise Above)

15. Field N**** Boogie - (XLR8R remix, featuring Paris)

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Damn there's a lot of guest appearances on this album, Paris was really involved with this album it seems, it'll be interesting to see how it sounds! :jazzy:

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