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"Rebirth Of A Nation"


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Peep the new single from PE feat. Paris, Dead Prez, and Kam "Can't Hold Us Back", it's the last song on the page, click on listen:


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Hey, I just downloaded the album and listened to it. So I thought I'll put my lame-ass review here if anybody cares. So here goes, track by track:

Raw ****-This track is all about the govt., racism, Bush, Iraq bombing, etc. It's got a really great beat and a good message too. :1-say-yes:

Hard Rhyming-This track deals with the current state of hip-hop and how the rappers in the tv are and how PE are keeping it real. The background guitar riffs is too good.

Rise-This track is also about the music business and how PE have stayed strong over the years. Nice one.

Can't Hold Us Back-Well, Bigted already posted the link to this song. And anyways, this is one of my fav. tracks off the album. It's too good. :kool:

Hard Truth Soldier-It's got a superb beat to it with a guitar riff appearing every few seconds. Nice song.

Hannibal Lecture-Basically about the life living in the streets which he is explaining to a reporter. Okay song.

Rebirth Of A Nation-It's just an average track. Also the background guitar is really annoying.

Pump The Music, Pump The Sound-Damn, it's got a super solid music and beat. Sounds very haunting. One of the best tracks off the album, except it's more of a techno track with no rap. :dj:

Make It Hardcore-The music is great in this song. The background piano sound looping is nice. The rap is also wonderful. One of the better tracks from the album.

They Call Me Flava-Yaaaaaaaoooooh. A stupid lyrics with really great beat and music. (I'm the aroma in your mother F*cking kitchen. I'm in your mouth when you wake up in the morning, I'm the stink on your breath when you're yawning) (Aah do it again, I don't know what the f*ck I'm saying). :rofl: Funny song with an old school touch, my most favourite track off the album, obviously. :lolsign: :2thumbs:

Plastic Nation- Once again, a mad funny song. It's about how women want to change everything about themselves through plastic surgery to look good. It's a serious issue but with lyrics like (Now her face is so tight you can bounce a quarter) it becomes funny. And also the girls saying in the background (I need liposuction, under my chin :haha: ) is hilarious. My second most fav. track.

Coinsequence-A weak track. Especially after listening to "They call me flava" and "Plastic Nation", this song loses all its appeal.

Track 13-Unbelievable music. Has an early days rap touch to it. Also Flav ending the verses is really nice. I like it.

Field Nigga Boogie-It's more of a dance track with only a few verses in the beginning and the middle. But the beats are great. :jazzy:

Overall, for me it was a great album to listen to with only a few weak tracks. I guess it's one of the best albums to be released this year. :2thumbs:

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Here's a bio of Paris, he's the one who produced the whole album:


I might check out some of his stuff, he sounds like dope hip-hop artist. I heard about the album being leaked already, I didn't hear it yet, but it seems like those that heard it are feelin' it and sayin' that it's the best PE album in years.

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That'd be a dream come true if the PE video gets released soon around the same time "Party Starter" comes out! :kool:

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