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fresh prince's dance or carlton's dance?

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hey what do you prefer??????fresh prince dance like will does in many episodes,y'all know what dance i'm talking about.hahahaha.or do you prefer carlton dance,its cool too!!!hahaha.choose!!!!!

do you remember in "soul train" episode,alfonso ribeiro dancing?????is like wooooooooooowwwwwww!!!!!he's a great great dancer!!!!!
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I love both of their dances! They are both hilarious! Like the episode when it was Ashley's b-day party and Will was showing all the kids how to "dumb-dance" that was really funny! Or whenever he's at a party or a club and he dances that is so funny too! And any time Carlton dances is just hilarious! I wonder if he still dances like that in his spare time... ;)

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I actually prefer FP's dumb dancin.' It's always hilarious. The Carlton Dance is funny, but i've seen it so many times that it only makes me laugh out loud sometimes. Dumb dancin' floors me everytime 2 the point that i'm on the floor doubled over...sometimes tearing up.

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:kekeke: ahha, yup Carlton definetly has a good style while dancing but at the same time it's goofy as hell... Will just plain dances like he doesn't care about a thing, i love that as well. But, when Carlton does his "It's Not Unusual" dance I can't help but get up and do that myself. hahaha, hilarious. :kekeke: :kekeke: :kekeke:

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