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  1. Great pics :thumb: I love that pic with Will on the shark.
  2. I like season one the most. I think it's more funny. :kekeke:
  3. I like Janet Hubert-Whitten.I like them both. :kool:
  4. Here's two of I think that are funny: Will:how you doin...it's Rafiki calling from whatson, listen johnny, could you play that song by Ashley Banks called 'make up your mind' cause you see i'm like this man who can't make up his mind so i wanna listen to this song called make up your mind. Carlton>Why don't you act like an adult?, ...<Will>why don't you look like one?
  5. My fave is the 6 episode. When Will and carlton are wrongly accused, and jailed for grand theft. That one is funny.
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