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Kanye West's new single FINALLY dropped...


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...what i'm really waiting 4 is Common Sense's new album.

Other than Will's album, there are two hip-hop albums I'm really waiting for. One is The Ambassador(Christian rapper) and the other is Common's new one. I'm lovin' his first single, The Corner.

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I didn't hear the song yet, I ain't really too much into this Kanye West hype, don't get it twisted I don't hate him, I'm just not that much into him, I'd rather see Common do well on the charts with his album when it comes out.

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I'm with u Ted. I love "All Falls Down" and a few of his other trax. I got his album but i never listen 2 it. I just don't feel him the way others do. But when it comes 2 the commerical crap like 50 Cent/G-Unit/D12/Trina/etc, Kanye is the man. His production is by far better than any of that other stuff. And he actually has topics 2 his songs...something that show up in successful rap songs anymore.

And 2 answer Jim's ?uestion in that Nick Cannon post. A few months ago, when he waz doing stand up comedy on TRL, he waz breifly asked about music and he said he waz working on new stuff. I don't think they asked about Kanye West, but when a Kanye video came on the countdown, he let it slide that he waz doing someone work with him but made it seem like a secret. He kept his mouth shut after that.

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