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JJFP Urban Music Festival Concert


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Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince will be performing tomorrow in the UK. the concert is scheduled to finish at 11..the main artists come on from 4 and Xzibit closes out the set at 10:15 so JJFP should come on between 4 and 10.. to know what time that is in your country check this website


when you've figured that out go to


and click on Listen Live

they will be broadcasting the concert all day

more festival details here http://www.princes-trust.org.uk/umf/lineup.asp

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i hope JJFP do a longer show than some of their previous ones! cant wait 2 hear it tho. i'm so excited!

yeah because they are headlining i want atleast an hour show!! anythin less than 40 minutes will be hugely disappointing :ridepony:

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Hi guys well i'm on my way to London in 2 hours to see JJFP i'M SOOOOOOO excited I can hardly breathe. lol I don't think they'll be doing a hour set. But I'm just grateful I got tickets. This is my first time seeing them perform tho I've met Will a couple of times. I've never even seen JJ in the flesh. OH MY GOD!!!!!! Have to go. Peace :wiggle: :grin:

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Man, why am i at a damn wedding tonight. :nono:

Still im setting my VCR to record Kiss FM on Sky Digital so thats one thing.

I here clips mite be on T4 or something Brakes, not sure yet. i'll go on a search

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