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JJFP Urban Music Festival Concert


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You have to remember that he hasn't done that in the UK yet, the UK people on here are probably to only ones in the country who have heard him and jeff do that.

anyway finally my thought on the day....

it was an amazing day alround, what they showed on t.v. doesn't give justice to what it was like inside.

I was totally blown away by Common, he is amazing live (also speaking about how he loves to perform in the UK is always a good thing to say), Akon was really good he seemed shocked at the end at how much of a reaction he got from the crowd.

Will/Jeff were awsome as always. For me this wasn't a better performance than the one at the I, Robot premiere in Leicester Square, maybe because it was a boiling hot summer's day it was outside and they did summertime, just perfect.

for you people who listend to it on radio i think the reason there were gaps in the audio, when they played random records is because there was often long gaps between performances so they could'nt broadcast nothing.

Also it was great to see the UK act's getting such big support from the crowd they wen't mad when Kano came on, i'd never seen anything like it.

This is a question for anybody there, did you see any of the acts, outside the arena of the rides, I heard Kano was on some of them earlier, and Estelle said she wanted to get on them, I saw Lady Soverign (spelling ?), my god i think she's one of the shortest people i've seen, i'm short myself but I towerd over her!

Anyway all i can say if bring on the JJFP 2005 Tour, after seeing them perform twice in London, It's easy to see they are working up to something big,

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I have the audio of the set and the interview they did with Tim Westwood but it's on CD and my CD burner hasn't work for months. I know SOMEONE has 2 have this and can put it up tho.'

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Five years later its obviously time again.


Back in 05', when there was a topic about the best JJFP performance, more or less everyone went for this. The video's are not interesting as I think only Switch and Summertime was broadcast, but the audio of this set is... I NEED THIS.

They were both on fire that night but Jeff was JUST INSANE and I find myself thinking about this performance a couple of times every year. It cant be lost forever, someone needs to have it :(

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