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wot did eminem actually say to will

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i love will but lets be honest lyrically em is slightly better


let's break this down Will smith dosen't need to sell records so fu(k hium and fu(k you to

does that rhyme?!?!? :nono: it dosen't

Will Smith:

Dissed by eminem but didn't bother him, yup but he classy big will just get another 20 mil and walk right past E.

does that rhyme?? :thumb: yes it does

last I checked rap music was supposed to rhyme


BTW any one can just drop the F word and there u go - u got a diss

but Big Will made 2-3 line dissing Em with no use of cursing at all...

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The sad thing is that Will doesnt write his lyrics all his own. How many tracks did he wrote on his own on L+F? 3? 4? Come On guys, he is a great lyricest but its embarresing to see Kel Spence or Skillz wrote his stuff. Are there other rappers doing that?

Ok, he wrote Mr Nice Guy on his own, but The Rain is even co written and of course a lot of trax on the new album.

I think thats the reason why he got "better" skills in writing.

JJFP Rock The House

btw, mr nice guy is dope!

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Well Eminem needs help writing his lyrics 'cause his lyrics are wack, he should have me write him songs. :hilarious: I think Will doesn't even have to write any of his lyrics anymore 'cause all the lyrics he wrote on the JJFP albums proves that he's an all-time great lyricist and his flow is uncomparable, he coulda just retired after "Code Red" and still be considered an all-time great 'cause that was his best work anyway, cats could write rhymes all day but they can't bring the energy Will can, I think the reason why he uses co-writers is 'cause he takes too much time off of music doing movies and he might need help sounding current, that's why I think he should take more time off movies and put more focus into his albums, Jeff should lock him in the studio and just do ol' school hip-hop rhymes and not try to sound current, and I wouldn't mind if he quit doing movies either. Not many rappers have made classics like "Homebase", "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper", and "Code Red", so if they talk s*** about Will not writing all of his lyrics that's irrelevant, and if Kel Spencer is really more talented than Will, why can't he make an album? Kel Spencer's flow is weak compared to Will's that's why, he should just stick to writing while Will sticks to being an mc, which mean move the crowd like Rakim once said.

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Well Em kinda did respond. Em's rep said "Is that is the only thing that Mr.Smith has said about him. He will not respond." I think so to that Em matured a bit. I mean when u listen to Mr.Niceguy he didn't say anything real bad about Em. But that is because Will is a classy guy n ol'skool hiphop head. He respects Em as a person n as n artist. Will didn't diss Em's character or Em's fans. Besides at least Will writes his songs he's a part of them. So what if he co-wrote them. It still came from him. They only person that said sumthing was Wendy Williams. She said her talk radio show is feature in different cities so he can't buy it :blabla: .

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I'm not to sure who posted eminems "Rapper Slash Actor, Kiss...." That is not towards will....if u notice that eminem has acted before, and he was taking the piss about he doesnt like movies that much and stays with rapper.....

I saw an interview and eminem said "Will smith dissed me back" started to laugh and then he goes "They guy tries to diss me FOUR years after i dissed him, and its only a line"

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