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wot did eminem actually say to will

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I hate when people badmouth Will. Epacially when they cant back up what they say, like today my friend said "Will Smith dosn't even ound like a rapper"

I say, allittle pissed, "How?"

"When he raps it sounds like he's acting"


She starts to studder trying to think of a reson.

Then I say "Don't say anything if you can't back it up, especially about Will"<-- Sentence cleaned upfor younger viewers

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I have to go back to what lerkot said a page ago for a second:

Well but the thing Em said was "Will Smith doesnt have to cuss to sell records but I do so **** him and **** you too" which actually rhymes.

It does rhyme, but not really I know that "do" and "to" are supposed to rhyme but to really make it fit you would have to say it really fast, the first verse is way to long, to make it rhyme, eminem would have to rhyme with the word "records" records with something, it is just to many words in the first verse and to little words in the second verse,

and wendy williams is a bit(h-@ss!!!!!!!!

let me just dis eminem one more time for a second let's ask each of them.......................in what year was the declaration of independence signed?????????

:smart: <<<<<<<Will

:hmm: <<<<<<<<eminem

answer:1776 in case anyone dosen't know

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