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mjwife is over there saying she/he is Julie and giving out her e-mail address. This is just stupid now and they need to be stopped. I can't believe someone would stoop that low. That, along with all the disgusting things they've been saying has just made me so mad. :nono:

I just feel so defeated that there's nothing we can do to stop them.

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I'm thinking in maybe four or five months time the place will be much quiter and most of the current clowns wil have got bored. There'll still be the odd one or two that come along but I hope it'll be fairly civilised. No worries tho, it's not like we don't have someplace better to go!

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ooh he'd better regret messin with me. I bet thats bcoz he saw on this site that id reported him to the website designer.

i was gonna just leave it and not try again but hes just bought himself a ticket to bannedville. Thanx for tellin me Michelle i wasnt gonna visit for a few days.

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