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here's the main problem with most reviews (esp critics). they always have to bring up image. They focus on image more than the art. That's why they always include some bs about Will being "a friendgly, nice rapper." If they listened to the lyrics instead of focusing on the image, they would know Will is directing some songs at ppl who call him nice, kid-friendly, and soft.

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Well they tend to compare commercial mcs to other commercial rappers, but the truth is most commercial music sounds the same, that's why they do this, they don't understand though that FP isn't the average commercial rapper, he's an individual artist who tells truthful rhymes while commercial rappers make gimmick songs and cry over sales, putting that 1st before their art which they never express. :poke:

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I could respond w/ my take on the album or a critique of these ppl's reviews, but I'll do that later. I just wanna point out a couple things... The Post guy said L&F is Will's first album since Willenium, and while I, too, would like to forget that Born to Reign ever happened, that's poor journalism - you lose credibility right off the bat w/ errors like that. Second, how can u say it was unwise for will "pop" at Eminem? All Will says is: "Dissed by Eminem, but didn't bother him / Yup, but he classy / Big Will just get another 20 mil, walk right pass". Did this reviewer listen to the song? B/c if so, someone really needs to explain to me how that's poppin off at Eminem. Forget the over-blown pre-album hype of Em v. Will... there's just nothin there (let it go).

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after hearing the album, im wondering if the critics actually heard the same album i was listening to.

I try not to listen to them anyway, i think a lot of the time they arnt even rap fans, i couldnt write about a dance record bcoz im not into that. They dont matter anyway, critics didnt really like switch but thats a hit!!

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here's another

Will Smith has had quite a career, music, television, film, and he has been successful at all of it. Will Smith was one of the first rappers I listened to, I remember when he and Jazzy Jeff burst onto the scene in the late 80's. They had a unique, and radio friendly style. They made hip hop accessible for the masses. They also provided a safe way for surburbia to ease into hip hop. That is not a criticism, it's is just that Smith has chosen to take a positive route with his music which is a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of music which has a much darker aura. This new album is no different in tone than the past. It has an upbeat feeling, positive lyrics, and a lot of skill.

Will proves that he hasn't lost any of his skills since his last release back in 2002. His acting hasn't affected his ability to flow on a mic. I felt funny typing that, but hey, when in Rome. It is true though, he has a great voice and this album proves that he can still rap with the best of them.

Lyrically the album is strong as well. He squares off with those who have accused him of going soft, and its true, you don't need to swear in order to make a good song. There are a variety of targets that he takes aim on throughout the album. People like other rappers who have made hits that he likes, a past girlfriend who since finding God has become holier than thou.

But besides taking aim at others, there is a healthy helping of straight up party music, including the first single, "Switch." There is also a song where he wonders about world events, and the insanity involved. The album is a mixture of party music and social commentary, all wrapped up in a way that is easy to get into.

Rap is not my typically my forte, and being so, I have had some difficulty in writing about it, but the album is very good. Lots of great beats, some great rhymes, and that trademark Smith charisma. And of course there are moments that I identify with, such as "If U Can't Dance (Slide)" considering my considerable lack of rhythm! Then there was the nostalgic moment when i recognized the sampled rhythm of the opening track, "Here He Comes," as the theme song to the original Spider-Man cartoon. On top of all that, Smith can still tell a good story, as evidenced in "Pump Ya Brakes," featuring the talents of guest Snoop Dogg.

Bottomline. Smith is on top of his game with this release, proving once again you don't have to be crude in order to exhibit clever wordplay which also displays social relevance. And again, there is no denying the charisma and skill exhibited by Big Will. Now if he could only diversify his acting .....



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Rap is not my typically my forte, and being so, I have had some difficulty in writing about it, but the album is very good.

Honesty, I love that. Even if this person had given a not so positive review of the album, I would have appreciated his or her honesty and their opinion. This also proves that this album can reach out to the masses and isn't just for the hip hop heads. It can be enjoyed by all and that, in and of itself, is rare. I guess it's Will's charisma and the subject matters he incorporates into his music which make this album as well as others so listenable and enjoyable. Good review.

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yeah that was a good review. Ive got another one from teletext that Kev was talking about.


The actor, musician and all round good egg keeps his hand in the record making business with this new outing.

It all kicks off with a cheeky skit on the spiderman theme, but party starter is hardcore, urban edged and incredibly infectious - a plesant surprise.

This turns out to be an album with highbrow production values, with some fine strings on the title track.

While its instrumentally good, smiths rapping and vocals are fluid, smooth and are bursting with confidence.

The screen star has assembled a weighty list of performers for this album, such as mary j blige and snoop dogg, who lends his voice to pump ya brakes.

Bear in mind that you might need some staying power to last the distance on this mighty 17 track opus.

It contains some quality material which may argue is not the real deal but its pretty entertaining stuff.

Although will smith is both hollywood actor and vocal performer its fair to say that his commitment to music is more than just a passing flirtation.

By Micheal Osborn


i gotta disagree with party starter being hardcore and Will not being real, but apart from that its a pretty good review.

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