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hey reobrn2reign, do u have maybe Diana King video?? this one ffom Bad Boys soundtrack?? in this video dance will and martin lawrence, am i right??

sorry i have not ever heard of that video and i don't know if Will is in it. however i do have Will 2K i'll put it up in a bit

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reobrn2reign, i found on singingfool.com two videos with Will!

First one is: ANGIE STONE - BROTHA and second one is DIANA KING - SHY GUY.

Could you ripped them?? and then put on this site?? it could be great! peace...

u got it!

and welcome trax! good 2 see another JJFP fan!

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I have 1000 Kisses on this computer but 'Freakin' it' and 'Shy Guy' are on my computer at my dads house. All will be up witin 3 days. I'll see what i can do about 'Brotha' :thumb:

Edit* oh i see reborn has them. Thanks for the welcome

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