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i've managed to find a way to hack (and i use that term very loosely) into singingfool.com and record their streams!! if anyone is interested in seein the JJFP videos there tell me so i can record them! i've already recorded the extremely rare "Voices That Care" video from 1991 with will in it. i'm gonna put it up later 2day guys!

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lol well the program that i used 2 record the concert wasnt a stream recorder. tim mentioned 2 me a stream recorder yesterday so i tried it and it worked good. then i downloaded a key generator so i could get past the demo version. i know lerkot wanted me 2 record I'm Looking For The One so i'll record that 1 for him also.

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Yo wez, what recorded are you using? Cuss i have one, but it's the demo version, so i can only record for 2 minutes! And i wanne give y'all that concert from South Africa! So can you please tell me which one you use? you can PM if you want to! Thanx! :thumb:

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Lhunagar did but he said it didnt work real well. fan4ever is gonna try and record it cuz he says it's re-running on a belguim website in a couple days.

yeah, it's re-running on www.skynet.be on March 22! You have to registerd there to watch it, but i'll try and record it!

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