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  1. yo, really nice site. u finished it? u could put videography or somethin' else what we can't find on other site... keep doin' it!
  2. i have this video on my pc but it's too heavy to put it here. i found it by one of P2P programs (Kazaa). it's really good stuff 4 every Will's fan
  3. I don't know, maybe you knew, but I didn't :) that Will appears in B2K video for "Grilfriend". He is a godfather there :) Pretty nice song and video... :rockon:
  4. thank u. i'm already donload it. it was pleasure work with u:)
  5. it's the longest 2 hours in my life..... ;))) soemthin' wrong?
  6. i'm really happy that u do it 4 me :) i'm just small will's fan...:) thanks
  7. that's funny:) i can't download it! or maybe i'm stupid:) there is only: "Retrieving download details..." and nothing.............. any suggestion? thanks 4 trying
  8. it's bad news, reborn2reign.... but thanks 4 try
  9. it's hard to explain..... cause my english is not so great:) i hope that it's not a problem..... if u can not do it just don't. thx
  10. it could be great if u could convert it in .mpg format. i'm glad that u told that. i'll wait than.. peace
  11. hello. i know that some1 put it before buti really need that video! please... could somebody put it here in good quality? maybe in .mpg format? please guys.. peace
  12. yeah she plays his mother:)) :kekeke: cause it's a story about whats happend 20 years ago (maybe more) when she was in pregnant whith him and she want to (i dont know how to tell this in english) "cut him out" or somethin' :) and he is thankful to her and blablabla... so it's quiet nice......... i really like that song... btw - no, i'm not from willsmith.com board. why u ask?? and sorry for off-topic but i didnt know where to put this new... :) peace
  13. hey, did any1 of u saw a new video of nick cannon feat. anthony hamilton - can i live?? there u can see tatyana ali. she plays nicks mother... nice song at all.... peace
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