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This 3rd verse in 'I'm Lookin' For The One'(To Be With Me) is legendary:

"Nine trey everybody want to be a gangsta

Pup pup pup pup but no more thanks to me

You got something you can flip on the other tip

As you get lost in the smooth rhymes I rip

Years and years my peers misunderstood, that I make cuts from my guts to make you feel good

And if you get it this is for you so,

You can feel the same way too

Put your hands in the air come on now

Put your hands in the air come on yeah

Feel the vibe that the jazz and the prince ride

The upperground sound that pound and knock you outta ya hide

You feeling alright you feeling alright


You feeling alright you feeling alright


Well next time bring a friend with you so

you can feel the same way too"

I have so many favorites it's too hard to say just one! :kool:

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if ur looking for the best line:

The Rain

"god has a plan, from it i never ran,

follow my heart through the storm,

with my umbrella in hand"

i just love that so much

if ur looking for the best verse:

The Last 2 of "I'm Lookin for the One"

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i gotta get sum twinkle twinkle in here...

Let's take a trip down memory lane

You know back before everybody knew my name

Before all the jewellery the fame and the cheers

When I was just the kid with the big old ears

West Philadelphia born and raised

That's the phrase that you hear on Mondays

But lets get a little bit deeper than fact

Back when Jeff was on the scratchback

And I was on the rap

I used to buy records at this audio store

I barely had a dime when I walked out the door

I tried to get a break but they could never seem to cut me

But now I've got the money and they wanna give me stuff free

That's somethin that I'll never understand

Yo I can afford it give the break to the next man

You say I'm a star 'cause I'm large in the land

But excuse me what I do doesn't define who I am

Shaq, Denzel, Quincy Jones what's the category?

It's folks you look up to

The thousand dollar answer is up on the board

Um who is a star

(Buzzer) Sorry no score

people be flippin when they see me around

But yo don't trip just give me a pound

Step up and say hi it don't matter who you are

Come on what you all starin' for?

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Look at my signature. Those are a couple of my favorite verses.

I also like Met Ali he told me I'm the greatest


You wanna ball with the kid

Watch your step you might fall

Mad cause I got floor seats to the Lakers

See me on the fifty yard line with the Raiders

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