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Yeah whats your favorite JJFP verses/rhymes/lines?

I got a couple...

1. Summertime verses

All three. Best ever made.

2. Just Kickin It, third verse

"Let’s take a trip, mellow out while I’m rappin’

Ya mind is the boat, and my rhyme’s the captain

So hoist a sail, and its time to flow

To a place that other rap boats don’t go

Welcome, welcome, into my territory

Everbody get on up, and get busy for me

Heads are boppin hard and fast

And now I’m getting’ sued ‘cause my groove caused whiplash

Everytime a rhymer tried to

Say something smooth, that’ll move inside you

The way that you should feel when you hear a real rap

Is trapped in the rhyme and your climbing to the climax

A lyrical painter, the fresh prince

And y’all a know of my Picasso essence

Musical passion, lovely isn’t?

But ain’t nothin’ to it

Yo, I’m just kickin it"

Well, its just fantastic.

3. The Reverend

"Yo man, this groove is all of that!

And it's different from anything we've done, in fact"

Dont know why I like that, but it sounds good ^^

3. Everything That Glitters

" The said, "Hung-a-dung-a-digi-dung-da-do"

I said, "Hey baby, I guess that means get off the boat""

I love the way FP says "Hey Baby, I guess that means get off the boat"

4. Brand New Funk

"It's new, it's out of the ordinary

It's rather extrordinary,

so yo bust this commentary

A literary, genius, and a superior beat creator

have come together, and we made a

musical composition which we think is a remedy

to cure all the dance floors that's empty

You wanna dance? We got what you want

Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince bustin out with the brand new funk"

Brand New Funk is a good track, and so are the verses in it.

5. As We Go

"Now let's get this party, started off the right way

Ow and ho I think the crowd might say

When we're on stage you know you can't resist

(As we go a little somethin like this, hit it)

I'm the ultimate, and that's all I can say

I sat down for about eight hours a day

Tryin to figure out the proper description of me

And I came to the decision that there's no one syllable or phrase

That can adequately describe this new craze

But I'll sum it up in one sentence, let's see

Okay I've got it all praise me

Yup that's about the size of it

I know it sounds kinda strange, doesn't it

But when we're on the stage you know you can't resist

(As we go a little somethin like this, hit it)"

FPs first verses are often the best. So even in this track.

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lines that first pop into my mind are:

"son when u all that u gonna get dissed"

Im all that , homebase

"pain is the mother of change, the rain must flow so the seeds of joy might grow"

The rain, willenium.

"Its always darkest before the light, Nothing's worth having if its not worth a fight

No love without labor, no labor no love,Draw on the strength bestowed from above"

shadow dreams, code red.

"(He soft he wack man that ain't real rap), You believe that, It hurt me at first but it's cool, Took the insults fed em to my ego used it for fuel"

dont say nothin, big willie style

"Throughout life people will make you mad, Disrespect you and treat you bad, Let God deal with the things they do,Cause hate in your heart will consume you too"

just the two of us, big willie style.

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I'm not gonna chose actual verses...but here's a list of songs that have my favorite lyrics...


The Rain


Mama Says

Block Party

Ain't No Place Like Home

Twinkle Twinkle (I'm Not A Star)

Holla Back

Shadow Dreams

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I love the whole of Just Kicking It, it's my joing favourite song with summertime, it's so underrated should have had a video for it

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I think this verse on Uuhhh has so many great punchlines in it :ali: :

Been to the mountain top down to the valley

"Illadelph to Cali

Y'all feel me like harry felt Sally

Clothes exotic

Flows erotic

No jewels

That's for them fools who ain't got it

Rapped to my own sitcom

Now I just sit calm

Watching y'all respond to my july 4 bomb (ooh)

Yeah I'm a nice kid

But heres some advice kid

Don't get me hyped I set it off like my wife did

Plan down pat like Sajak

Wheel of fortune away

Price ain't right I don't play

Find yourself in jeopardy

The first clue

What is Will Smith?

Hot to def not you

I'm like a Porsche you a Pinto

You like a tiny figurine, I'm monumental

You like a small get together on your neighbours back porch

You know just a couple of y'all, I'm a million man march

Attack of the man in black

Like Jordan playing on a train

Yo my game on track

Mad ice

For my wife

No care for what it costed

Had to ease up though

Her wrists got frost bit

My style flavour delivery

My Addiction

Getting medieval like du in pulp fiction

You want some?

Bring it

Come one, come all come any

Watch me take there hard a way like Penny

I can take twelve rappers and put em in line

Then twelve emcees that think they can rhyme

Then twelve more brothers that still ain't signed

Then, don't do nuthin, just watch em decline

Gangsta hardcore menace to society

Rap's all the same my pen spits variety

Eclecticism is a virtue

It may not be a word but it's definitely a virtue

Rappers approaching me all across America

Believe me, "you don't wanna battle" like Erica

I was in the game before publishing was an issue

Your platinum now, but next year I'm gonna miss you

Mad rappers like bad actors should have no parts

Wanna be mad check the charts

Any of em

Oh don't see my name

You don't see my spot

Heres a hint

Look closer to the top"

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Its too hard to decide, tons of great lines...but here...

Somethin Like Dis

From the dark age into the renaissance

The rap obsession caused the regression

But one man stood up and that mans me (uh ha)

To show you what it takes to be a real MC


For years they been tryin to figure out how to stop the prince

They say that im conceited but I'm not it’s just confidence

Rougher than an outlaw quicker than the flash

From records to movie to TV

I'm grabbin cash and I'm dashin

The P-R-I-N-C-E

With the fresh on the front

And I'm a give you what you want

Step on stage and just rip it as I laugh

Tear down the house leave itlookin like backdraft

All night I'm on the flow on

And I'm a go on

On the stage

In a rage

I'm a flow on

You read the billboard then I'm sure that you know

The riggidy riggidy rhymes are riggidy rhyme and climb to uno


theres so many great others too... :thumb:

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Potnas Interlude! Classic FP storytelling rap 4 the willennium :bowdown:

It was a dark night

I had just sparked the mic

Brought the light

To the crowd

In Hampton

It was amped when

I finished with

Brand New Funk

They were screaming out, "Do Summertime"

Some of them was drunk, some of the time

I like to chill after the show

But tonight, yo I wanna get ill after the show

And there she is

5 sumthin, short hair, damn she live

The girls get thicker further down 95

I expressed to her

Sought of confessed to her

I wanted to get next to her

So I suggested to her

We roll

To suite 110

Sweet ones in

My room

Jeff in one eleven with a friend

Then boom boom boom who that? (open the door)

Why they do that?

Threw back

By the noise

Some dude and his boys

You know them?

Your boyfriend?

More like an annoyed friend

Peep through the peep hole peeped him and all his people

That's when Charlie creep through

Boy you wanna see who

Don't nobody wanna meet you

Damn here come the beef stew

My beef ain't with you (uh ah)

My beef's with Will

So see Mack

Ease back

'fore your cat get peeled

Charlie said, "Any beef with Will is

Plenty beef with me and

Whenever Charlie get mad

He step to the streets he see

The end of the story

You wonder who survived?

Get my "He's the DJ" album check track five

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This verse on "My Buddy" is another Fresh Prince quotable with battle lines:

"We've won so many battles, people think it's a trick

That when the crowd gets to judge it's US that they'll pick

They see Ready's face and then they hear my voice

To choose us as the winners is the natural choice

Because battle after battle we remain on top

Cause it's not the way we look, it's the way that we rock

So if you thought you wanted to battle, bust this rhyme

Just keep it and I'm sure that I can change your mind

There was ten wack dudes trying to play high post

One crew got bold and they began to boast

But said, Y'all shut up and get back in line

But they refused (what happened now) So now there's nine

Nine wack crews tryin to rock like this

They were bitin my rhymes and just couldn't resist

I said please stop bitin, please don't imitate

But they kept on bitin, so there's now there's eight

Eight wack crews poppin big time trash

Telling us that in a battle we can't last

The battle started at 10:30 and by quarter of eleven was no longer eight crews (how many was their)

There was seven

Seven wack crews in a football huddle

Trying to figure out their next rebuttal

They came out strong you'd think their The Ultimate but we just dissed em and dismissed, so now there's six

Six wack groups, tryin to be tough

Who the hell told em they could rock the mic like us

We got straight down the business didn't pop no jive

We just blew em out, so now there's five

Five wack crews lined up in the hallway

All perpetrating like they're read to play

My secretary walked out, she asked for one more

They got scared, and left, so now there's four

Four wack crews outside playing around

I said I'll take you wall on, now how does that sound?

Not one had heart enough to pick up that mic

I said, okay I'll let you go, psych

That's the moral, of this story

Never try to take me and Ready Rock's glory

Cause if you do your future looks muddy

Cause you just can't beat me and my buddy" :ali:

Edited by bigted
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I'd first like to say that im new to the site and a huge Will fan. I'm glad i found this site so i can talk about these things since my friends hate Will. They dont know what their missing out on. Well back the topic.

I have a couple favorites,

"One for the treble, two for the base

Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince back up in ya face.

Me and jeff again, 'Oh my' you say

1985 to the Y2K"

-So Fresh (Willennium)

"I'm hyped, psyched up and I'm flowin

So come on let's go in

To the next segment, of this hip-hop fantasy

You say this can't be happening, why can't it be?

It's an equation, mathematically correct

It's Jeff + Prince, equals, hit records

Sounds too easy? Word, I know it does

You wanna know why? Well yo it's cause

me and Jeff, oh, Jeff and I, excuse me

blend like Kool-Aid, and flow like an uzi"

-Pump up the Bass (He's the DJ, Im the Rapper)

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Yeah I really like this site. Cuz my friends are the same too. I like this site cuz there are so many different things to talk about than just Will is hot. I'm glad I found a place that I fit. :kekeke: Hey I was Lost and Found :kekeke: ANyway I like Pontas. :angel:

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