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My friends Switch remix


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Well my friend mixed a little bit with the Girls-version FP did at Westwood, and it didnt became so good, but however he liked remixing Will so he created a Switch-remix. Personally I think its better than the last one but still sucky...

The last one he didnt make in a mp3 formate so it got very big, but now he uploaded it as an mp3...

Download it, 4 megabytes

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Is this the same one posted a few days ago where they just put the "Girl's..." freestyle over that instrumental and u can hear both beats? If it is the same, i'm warning everyone 2 NOT check it out. U'll be sad u wasted your time giving it a listen. I just sounds like u have 2 stereos playing 2 different songs at 2 different tempos in the same room.

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Lerkot, no offense...but based on that last remix, your friend has absolutely no skillz. :kekeke: I'm not even gonna bother checkin' it out.

I know ^^

I be like :scared2: when i hear it, I guess he just keeps tryin bcuz everybody can get one lucky shot.

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He has 2 Different beats Playing, along with the acapella, all at different Beats Per Minute.

I'm not going to hate, jsut send him my advice. My Advice is "SYNCHING". A Remix isn't a remix because 2 things are playing at the same time, they at least have to match.

And his cutting during the hook...Completely off beat (Well, as is the rest of it >_>_)

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