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one of the funniest lines!

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ah man im watching FPOBA and its the church episode where FP goes down to the youth center to help the "ladies" decorate and its old ladies and he faked a beeper page because he wanted to get out ...hes like

"ahh i just got a page, 2pac just got arrested again, i gotta go!"

haha that was funny..havent seen this episode in a longgg time. FP and the old ladies are so funny! :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious:

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There are a lot of funny lines!! Here's some of my favorites:

When Will and his girlfriend are trapped in a basement after and earthquake and Will sings:

"I'm stuck in a basement sittin' on a tricycle

girl gettin' on my nerves

I thought she was fine goin' out of my mind

don't even know if her body is her's"

I also liked the one when Will joins the poetry club to meet this girl and at the end Jazz pretends to be "Rafael Delagetto" and he's saying that poem to that girl that goes "My love for you is like a river....." and at the end he says "let's go get some BBQ and get busy!" :hilarious: That's hilarious! Basically anything Jazz says is just hilarious!

Also the one when uncle Phil gets a death threat and Carlton gets that "safety guy" dummy, and Hilary comes in the room and she says to Will "looks like we have company. Who's your friend?" and Will's like "Hilary, he's a dummy!" and then she says "Who needs brains when you got a body like that?" That was soo funny! :hilarious: I can't believe how stupid she can be sometimes!!

:hilarious: :kekeke: :hilarious: :kekeke: :hilarious:

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a great one from that episode where uncle phil gets the death threat is where tcarlton is talking about juggles throwing saftey guy out the window and hes like

YOU BASTARD the way he said it was just funny

and in the episode where thety go to thing to raise trevor from the dead so huikary can talk to him u no where carlton dresses up like the kid from home alone

and well where scorpius puts the curse on will and will goes gitchy gitchy ya ya ya ya thats one of my favorites

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The episode where Will fakes a marriage to Kim Fields Will says something along the lines of "Jazz, you and I are invincible!" Jazz replys "We're good my brotha, but people can still see us."

Carlton: "I'm black?!"

My favorite was in the episode where Jazz gets divorced, Will attempts to console him and Jazz says something along the lines of "Thanks for trying to comfort me, but I'm ... uncomfortable."

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The funniest lines to me was in the episode where Will gets into poetry makes up that poet Rafael Delagetto. And Carlton makes fun of him by saying poems are for sissy or something like that. And Will says " Carlton I got a poem for you

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Jazz and I are Black

But Carlton what are you?

I just thought that was funniest lines I ever heard. :hilarious: :angel:

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Wait I just thought of one more when Uncle Phil takes Carlton and Will on a camping trip. But then the car runs out gas. Uncle Phil says I'll go hitchhike a ride. Will says Uncle Phil we are three black men stuck on a mountain road the only ppl that are gonna stop to help us are gonna be wearing white sheets and saying get'em JimBob. :hilarious:

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My fave lines are when Will loses his money betting on the fotball game and Jazz says "Tony The Shovel Isn't Gonna Like That" "Just Ask FlatNose Gary"

Now that is comedy :dancingcool:

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