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UK will smith superfans

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You gotta get to London and stay the night (pay for it yourself) - that rules me out.

I told the guy that he HAS to chose someone from this message board becuase we are the most dedicated fans of Will and know him the best. So if anyones emailing him make sure you mention that you're from this forum!

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i'm a bit scared of i'm being honest lol...i bet i'd get none right coz i'd be so nervous and then Will wouldn't consider me a fan! :sad6:

for the same reason, i'm not gonna go for it i'd freeze completly live tv aswell, i been on national tv once but i didn't have to say anything or think at all

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He asked stuff about what makes me a Will Smith Superfan, do I have posters etc of Will, have I been to a Will premier, do I rap!!!!! have I got a website.

I was so nervous when he was speaking to him. I had literally sent the email 5 minutes before he called! I guess I just have to wait and see!

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Hey Guys i've spoke to this guy Nick on the phone 3 times yesterday he sounded interested. He asked me if I had any pics of Will if I'd met him, been to premieres to see him. I told him I'd heard about the comp from this site! So you've all been mentioned a few times. How cool!!!!

I haven't heard from him today but how funny if 2 people from here were chosen to go against each other. I know i'd totally FREEZE As Will is gonna be there but it would be a great experience so if I'm chosen i'm going for it. Brakes I hope you get it whatever happens. Peace

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