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Hi Guys I won!!!! iIt was fantastic. Thanks for all your help Hero it did me no good. When it was time to compete against Will I was USELESS. I went toatlly BLANK!!!! I knew the answers to some of the questions but I couldn't think at all..I'm really dreading seeing it on TV They also made me out to be a stalker.The presenters were very cool tho and we had a good time with them. even tho i'm a stalker uk now. lol

Will was gorgeous he smelt sooooo good and had very soft skin. I got loads of kisses and Hitch stuff. The other girl was lovely and is from this site too. She doesn't always hace access that's why we didn't hear from her. i also got a photo of Will he was there for about 45 mins and I seen him for about 15mins mostly in the studio so I had no time to tell him about the site or ask him much. When he was leaving I got a picture taken with him and told him I hope Hitch goes to No 1 in every boxoffice in every country. He smiled and said thankyou soo much I hope so to. Peace Now I can die happyLOL :clap:

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