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UK will smith superfans

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this is what he emailed me back....

Hi james,

I work for At It productions which produces T4

saturday and sunday. We're doing a will smith special

and are looking for two superfans to go head to head

in the studio on questions about will. One will then

go head to head with the big will himself live on T4.

We'll be filming in the channel four building in

victoria, london at the start of next week .

We're currently processing applications so i need to

ask you how old you are? Where you live? and if you

could send a photograph of yourself to us, preferably

as an email attachment. That would be great.

could you also tell me from which forum you saw this


Many thanks.

And I get Keira first :ali:

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That's the most hilarious thing I've ever heard (at least since I woke up from my after-school nap like 20 mins ago). I recommend that if this happens, the lucky contestants wear "jazzyjefffreshprince.com" tee-shirts in a shameless attempt for publicity and that this footage is immediately posted on these forums.

(Kiera Knightly & British accents are both equally awesome...)

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