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Lost and Found ALBUM COVER

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That's a dope album cover! :thumb:

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:roll: lmao funny album covers.. I realli love the West Philly/Hollywood sign :clap:.

I'm countin down the days til the CD comes out.. hopefully it wud b awesome as the cd cover!

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That is ill...looks like da 'Prince has found his way home.

Even if it isn't the album cover, it's a promo shot 4 the album which means the album cover will look very similar and have the same vibe.

About that 1st cover featuring Jeff...it looks like he's standing in the middle of the road. I hope Floetry hasn't jacked the ATOJ car, he may need 2 watch his back!

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Guest RememberPac

I woulda said that it'd be a promo poster. For things like eminem or g unit releases there are always promo posters which are sent to shops to promote the release. I might be wrong but i woulda sed this is just promotional, although the actual cover will obviously follow it closely in theme, i woulda though. Just my opinion.

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