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Favorite song from BWS, Willenium, B2R

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I was listening to BWS today and realized which song I like the best so I figured I'd make a list and see what you guys fav songs are from these 3 albums.

BWS - I Loved You

Willennium - Da Butta

B2R - I Can't Stop

Ahh the hell with it while I'm at it I might as well do the other albums.

Rock the House - Rock the House

He's the DJ... - Brand New Funk

And In This Corner - Jeff Waz on the Beat Box

Homebase - You Saw My Blinker

Code Red - Twinkle Twinkle (I'm Not a Star)

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I found it hard to say what my fav was from Willennium and B2R because I like these albums so much. My selections from those albums are more the songs I've been listening to a lot lately. Next week it could be differnt. I too love Block Party and I love the harmonies in the chorus. The Rain I don't really like all that much but definitly don't hate it.

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:kekeke: :kekeke: we have completely different tastes..i really dont like da butta and i cant stop and i love the rain..

big willie style - its all good

willennium - potnas

born 2 reign - dont really have 1..but how da beat goes if i had to choose

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Well my favorites change all the time too but at the moment I'd have to say

Big Willie Style-"Don't Say Nothin'"

Willenium-"Potnas" or "The Rain"

Born To Reign-"Block Party"

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