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Really cool stuff.. I like da song more than da video, but both are on a high level.. Love the bballers.. da skatboarder and da bboy in short cutz from da street.. positive atmosphere.. a lil bit more rappin would be ok... from which song is da break at the end.. don't come 2 me mind at da moment, but I like it. Da beat is like from a acid Jazz dancin song... perfect!!!

Ah yes, n Will is wearin timberlands, like back in da days...

peace :dancingcool:

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I dunno about you guys but I like this video, it gives the old school basement/abandon building throwing a party vibe. It's kinda tight, althought i can see why some of your are dissapointed because the description given to us on the other posts made it out to be literally like a club scene which would have been tight no doubt but this is pretty hot by itself. Peace.

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