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8-3 I Can't Stop (Born To Reign)

5-10 I Wanna Rock (Code Red)

8-11 I Gotta Go Home (Born To Reign)

7-6 Who Am I (Willenium)

3-2 I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson (And in This Corner)

6-10 I Loved You (Big Willie Style)

well .. these are obviously all the tracks with an "I" in the tracktitle ..

but i dunno what that should show me ;)

combined with 1 ... the answers would be ..

Why Can't I Stop

Why Can't I Rock

Why Can't I Go Home

Why Can't I Know Who You Are

Why Can't I Beat Mike Tyson

Why Can't I Love You


... mh .. maybe 2b means track3 on album3 ..

this would be "jazzy´s groove" ..

maybe line 3 .. this would be "Jeff, is if someone said that your beats don't excite"

hhehe .. this makes absolutely no sense ;)

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part 1 and 2 are unrelated remember.. you havent got the solution to part 1 yet.. the anagram is "why cant i?" but you have to answer that question using what i said in the first post.. you've got part 2 a right the answer is "I" now you gotta use that on 2 b

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Has anyone figured out the link yet?

If part 1 is "Why can't I", maybe it's meant "Why can't I put the articles and interviews up on the site" In the last puzzle he mentioned that he said he wouldn't post the news "in any official capacity", maybe that has something to do with it?

If part 2A is "I" and part 2B is "(3)", perhaps it's referring to "I, Robot" and the three laws of robotics?

I tried copyrightlaw and confidentialitylaw, with no luck. I keep going down the wrong path and I hate it! :)

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