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yeah i thought part 1 was an anagram so i took it to work with me to work it out (how sad).

I got "I watch NY", which doesnt make sence , it could be that, maybe somethin to do with hitch since it was filmed in NY??

I tried section 2 and bascially did what u guys weredoin an adding and subtracting and times by 3, which Tim says is wrong so i dont have a clue. I was trying to use the numbers to the alphabet e. g. 8-3= 5, the 5th letter of the alphabet is E, but i think im getting too complicated with that 1.

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I got this from part 1 --------> Why can't I

Perhaps you're right, Julie. Maybe part 2a has something 2 do with the alphabet.

:ditto: but I can't figure out what it is, so I think is a matter of odd numbers and even numbers. Tim said this:

"ive got lots of really rare articles and interviews that i cant put up on the site"

and in part 2a there's lots of odd numbers.

odd here has 2 meanings:

1) The numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9....

2) Rare, curious, strange.

I got this from the part 3------> C=(3) third letter of the alphabet.

so, a solution would be:

Why can't I C ?

That's odd.

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