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I still thinks it's important 2 visit both boards. This is the heart of his real fanbase...but there will be other old skool fans poppin' in over there. Keep in mind this is FP's own site. He's not gonna want a bunch of unloyal and mainstream fans there. That message board is gonna be the main 2 way 2 represent him 2 a bigger audience.

Get in2 the habit of posting big news on both this board and FP's. For those who don't wanna go over there, i'd at least give it a try 4 the 1st month or so that it's active.

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the thing with official websites is that alotta "fans" come who are just "fans" cuz the single is hot...thats it.

:werd: I won't be posting there if there are a lot of bandwagon fans there, that's why I don't post on the Nas board , there's too much bulls*** there, not to mention the confusion with having so many people there, it's hard to keep track of all the messages and that'll lead to nonsense, I'll register though and see what happens, but most of my posting'll still be here.

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i know, man! someone had mooseknuckles, so i hadta go w mooseknuckles1.. :dunno: oh well..the site is apparently run by overbrook, so i guess will can have a lot of input over wat goes on there..a lot of artists now post updates and write little 'blogs' for their fans to read..maybe will oculd do that even tho hes always busy

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That'd be dope if FP made blogs once in a while on that site like Chuck D does with his terrordome postings at publicenemy.com!

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