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One thing about some of the comments i saw at the top of the board, i think it's important 2 be active over there. After all, there's gonna be alot of "kinda fans" over there that need that extra push from a vet 2 crossover them over. Think about all the people who found THIS site and message board from the old WS board. We can't allow FP's official site 2 be filled with "kinda fans" and people who show up then never come back. If Overbrook is taking over the site, we gotta let them and FP know that they have a big backing of fans there 4 them which will probably result in more updates and stuff like that.

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cool im signed up, did any1 sign up for the mobile updates, i decided not to bcoz they charge u and it could be as often as a few times a day. i was tempted tho when it said recieve Will Smith voice messages.

Im definatly staying on this site more, we have a nice community going and this stayed up during Will's unsigned months. I think there will be loads of haters on willsmith.com and not as many here.

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well i dont think switch was ever gonna be released while the old sony will smith site was there..now the new site is up there we know switch is definitely hitting soon.. seeing that page takes me back to before big willie style willennium and born to reign theyd always have a mailing list to sign up to and a coming soon page!

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i like the movie style especially the "Digital Will" instead of Dolby Digital

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same for me also, they must have all old members as it accepted my password for JamesUK that i used on the old board

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