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i was watching mtv base yesterday (uk hip hop channel) and it had a programme of the best 50 rap acts. I just happened to catch jjfp as number 18. Im not sure if it was a good thing or a bad. The good thing was they played summertime a classic, and it wasnt Will Smith but jjfp. But surely they should have come higher than 18?!? :nhawong:

i will try and find the rest of the list but i couldnt watch the rest of the show coz i had 2 go 2 work.
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I guess that's not 2 bad...but this is MTV we are talking about...do u honestly tlhink they are gonna chose the best artists?!? No way, they'll just go with the most currently succesfull ones.

Everybody has different tases, and who actually makes the rules as 2 what makes "the best emcee"?!? I have no problem with with the exact order of how they rank the emcees, but i do have a problem with who they put in certain parts of it. How can u put the Jay-Z, Ja-Rule, Ludacris, Eminem, Chingy type artists any where past the 30ish area, when u have people like Fresh Prince, L.L. Cool J, Guru, Ahmad, Q-Tip + Phife, Mos Def, Common Sense, Heavy D, etc lower or not included on these kinda lists. These days it seems like nearly EVERY SINGLE RAPPER who i the wackest gets all the sales while the truley talented artists with heart get ignored 2 the point that only their fanbase know when they are releasing music. Black Eyed Peas are the only exception.
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one of the funniest things i saw was mtvs greatest music video artists or sumthin..and they had michael jackson at 14 and eminem dr dre and 50 cent at 2 3 and 4.. which shoed its an absolute joke and they'll just choose whoevers hot at the time..who will be no1 in 5 years..still its good that JJFP was up there... the UK has the most respect for jjfp i think
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I'm gonna give y'all a list of my all-time Top 20 Rappers
It goes a little somethin' like dis:
2-KRS-ONE(Boggie Down Productions)
5-LL Cool J
6-Eric B. and Rakim
7-Public Enemy
8-Slick Rick
11-Sugar Hill Gang
12-Big Daddy Kane
13-Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five
14-Snoop Dogg
15-Ice Cube
16-Queen Latifah
17-A Tribe Called Quest
18-Busta Rhymes
20-DMX Honorable Mention:Kurtis Blow and Naughty By Nature
MTV Wouldn't Make A List Like That! Edited by bigted
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I think it was Vh1 that got the best list together though.

I mean they still put people like Nelly and Others above Classics, But they still had some older groups in the top. Run DMC was #1, and that's a big jump. On most of the other lists, 2pac is #1 on every 1 >_<

and i think JJFP got around 30 or something.
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no the best list was on channel 4 a few years back. it was the top ten rap acts and there was no eminem, no 50 cent (even tho he wasnt around then). and guess who was number 1, yep big willie himself. It was compiled of record sales and things. I think salt and pepper where 2nd and 2pac and biggie where in there too. oh and of course run dmc.

This was a few years bk tho, b4 hip hop went completely down the drain.
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It's all about how u look at it tho'...there are a lot of dope hip hop artists out there today...behind all the wack rappers on the radio, there are a huge amount of underground artists and emcees that we'll hear in the next few years. True ol' skool Hip-Hop is still out there...u just gotta look 4 it.
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[quote=DevilsJim89,Apr 12 2004, 09:57 AM]I don't think there's ever gonna be an "official" list that everyone is going to agree with. Everyone has different tastes and opinions on different artists which makes it difficult to have a list.[/quote]
True. If one were to wait for universal acceptance, eternity wouldn't last long enough to see that come true.
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Hey julie, i remember that show top 10 rap thing you were on about, they showed some really rare Live stuff on JJ+FP from way back to about 1986/87 time doing a show in a small club. Wish i'd taped that.

As for that Top 50 HipHop artists thing on Base, i think it was abit random posistion wise, but Run DMC were number one so that was cool

And Tim obviously im gonna agree cos im English but it is probably true about the whole UK has respect for JJ+FP. Jeff comes over here a lot to tour compared with the rest of the world so i guess we are lucky.

I was gutted tho last nite cos i saw an old friend who i havent seen for tow years from my old college, she said she'd seen Jeff live in Glasgow, Alrite for sum.

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