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Ok, a little translation... first you got

Snel hest = Nice horse, but spelled without ä. It really should be "Snäll häst", but I did it in swenglish.

Havre = The stuff a horse eats, you see the pic, not hard to understand

Klapp = When you are... clapping (?) a horse

Klad häst = Miss-spelled "Glad häst" but what the hell. In english it means "Glad horse, happy horse".

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Well okey i'll do some trys to explain here:

1. Lets say you got a nice horse. You give it food and you.. draws your hand over the back of the horse, and it will go glad.

2. This is a horse. You give it some food + some clappings, and it will be a glad horse.

3. A good horse will get glad and go down on its back if you give it food and a little clap.

I bet you dont understand ^^

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