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Hey everybody. And I mean Everybody. Anybody that's got something to say. Lyrics, poem, any writings of works or advice, etc. I mean anything. Significant enuff to be an "Community Prelude". The 1st track of our album if we work this into idea and out.

I was thinkin it could be nothin' but acapella, maybe a lil echo. We all have something. Anyone who has a mic. And for people who don't, maybe get someone to speak on your behalf if U'd like.

To Rappers It May Concern: Should do one verse. (length doesn't really matter. just not be extreme). They can either rap the verse, or simply read it, or maybe something I never thought of.

If someone isn't an "English Nature Speaker", it's ok. Speak in your language.

And when U finish ya verse or whatever U may have done, let's not post it til all at once. We should have people have natural ideas without being influenced majorly by others work. This is your own creativeness. This is YOUR VOICE.


And about the album cover, how about a pic of JJFP, wit members name on the album floating around it? (doesn't have to be the only ones performing on the cd)

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I could help write a song for someone that wants to record so don't hesitate to holla at me through a pm if y'all need help, just as long as I get credit!

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I think U got this backwards. This is just concerning an intro. No one should help write lyrics for someone else. This is free mind. U shouldn't be ashamed of ya art. I mean having someone read on poeple's behave. And only for the intro. (that is if y'all wanna do it)

*btw, I have my 'verse' already*

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yoh lets do it mah word yall do verses ill put em togather an work on the graphics an then ill post it up here contact me if u up to it yoh pm me man an yoh listen im a graphics man as u can prob tell by my sigs an i can do the cd cover an shyt if u guys find a title your best bet when it comes to this is to make a thred asking about song titles and ideads then pick the best ones once u got thoes then go on to ask people who wants to hit up which song your best bet is to have 3 people a song so its not crowed then 1 on the hook. then you need a title that somes up all the songs an that where i come in and do the graphics im from a miny lable called One Wing Productions we rap/produce/sing/do graphics an things like that ill do the cover then with the title and song names. alright Hit me up

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